Case Study: A look at Hide & Seek TikTok campaign

Hide & Seek TikTok campaign

A quick throwback at how Hide & Seek TikTok campaign saw 12 Billion views on TikTok page through an influencer outreach relying heavily on GIFs.

Category Introduction

As per Nielsen RMS, the chocolate chip category in India is currently pegged at an average of 2,400 tonnes per month in volume. Within the Category, Parle Hide & Seek Chocolate Chip Cookies is the market leader with a market share volume of 74%.

Brand Introduction

The brand was launched in 1996. Over the years, this brand has grown and evolved to become a synonym to Chocolate experience in the sweet cookies segment.


  • Launched an assortment of GIFs revolving around the brand’s core positioning of ‘Don’t Hide From The One You Seek’ hosted on the microsite as a part of the Hide & Seek TikTok campaign.
  • An initiative by an FMCG brand within the Food Category to build salience for the brand
  • Collaborated with TikTok by leveraging popular influencers to push content revolving around the GIFs created with an aim to increase traction to the microsite.


Don’t hide from the one you seek with the ##SeekDontHide challenge!##SeekDontHide

♬ Hide & Seek Original Track – Parle Products

Problem Statement

  • Build salience for the unique assortment of ‘Hide & Seek’ GIFs.
  • Drive traction to the microsite and increase usage.

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  • Create engaging content in order to drive awareness and increase usage for the brand GIFs.
  • Leverage top influencers to push content on TikTok and drive traction to the microsite

Creative Idea:

  • A concept and story-line were created based upon one of the GIFs of the brand on the premise of ‘We Share a Connection’. The concept involved a boy and girl as key protagonists and a love story involving them & a heart shaped cookie.
  • The above brand-effect of a heart-shaped cookie appearing on the screen is a unique thought to depict the relationship which the boy and the girl share
  • Top-influencers on TikTok posted videos around this simple concept and followers were asked to share their version of it with the #SeekDontHide across the brand’s digital properties on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.


  • Top-influencers on TikTok created content around the above creative idea and followers were asked to post their version of it.
  • The CTA button redirected followers to the microsite where the GIFs could be shared through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • The activity was heavily promoted on the brand’s digital properties as well to drive traction to the microsite


Don’t hide from the one you seek with the ##SeekDontHide challenge! @sargam_07

♬ Hide & Seek Original Track – Parle Products


Don’t hide from the one you seek with the ##SeekDontHide challenge!

♬ Hide & Seek Original Track – Parle Products


  • So far the page has received more than 12 Billion views on TikTok with a cumulative reach of 140 million, which is one of the highest among FMCG brands.
  • On the microsite, hosting the GIFs, the brand has received more than 70 million views.
  • The microsite was able to add more than 2000 new visitors over a period of 3-days of the campaign.

Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head, Parle Products, said, “Proliferation of smartphones and advent of engaging apps such as TikTok have spurred innovation in digital marketing for large FMCG brands such as Parle. It is important for us to explore and maximize the opportunities afforded by newer platforms to engage consumers cutting across geographies and demographics. In that context, TikTok is a phenomenally engaging and fun platform that is much-loved by Gen Z.

The outreach for our premium brands like Hide & Seek allowed us to experiment and take different approaches for marketing. “