Decoding: Dunzo Social Media Strategy

Dunzo Social Media Strategy

With COVID-19 taking over businesses, we take a look at how the Dunzo Social Media Strategy is helping this hyperlocal delivery services company retain recall. We take a look at the brand’s social media tactics that keep engagement high.

In the current scenario, Dunzo, a hyperlocal delivery services company is an interesting one to look at. It is of utmost importance for them to maintain trust in the immediate setting of social distancing and hygiene check while building brand recall. The Dunzo Social Media Strategy plays an important role in achieving this.

Dunzo has been focussing on two categories of people in their communication: Employees and Customers. While employees are being cherished for running the operations, customers (and potential customers) are being entertained, responsibly. Gratitude towards frontline workers in the face of the pandemic is also a recurring theme.

Most of the content put up by Dunzo is bright and in sync with the primary green and black hues of the logo. Protective gears like mask and cleaning materials are often present as essential elements in the creatives.

Dunzo has also been receptive towards and appreciative of other delivery brands and their employees in their communication — we are all in this together.

They are also regularly sharing gratitude-filled messages of happy customers. The organisations Dunzo has partnered with to raise funds are also being highlighted in the communication regularly. There is a strong virtual atmosphere created by the brand, infusing hope on small screens.

According to the data recorded by Qoruz, Instagram works best for Dunzo in terms of social media engagement. Twitter is a space where Dunzo is able to interact with people writing in, as a part of ORM measures.

Almost all of the creatives are duplicated across platforms to amplify the messages.

The anomaly here being those specifically optimised for the medium — an example of this being the creatives where they leveraged the interface of Instagram. Dunzo regularly participates in trending format conversations and a huge chunk of their communication constitutes of topical content.

#DunyaKiDuniya is one of the consistent comic series run by Dunzo. With the help of their mascots, Harri and Dunya, they try to put forth the quirks and antics of everyday lives. Dressed in Dunzo gears, these characters are shown in regular circumstances, echoing the thoughts of a Dunzo partner.

Dunzo Social Media Footprint

Facebook: 154.8 Likes
Instagram: 36.1K Followers
Twitter: 7,229 Followers

Popular hashtags and keywords: #DunzoIt, #Dun, #Bangalore, #Dunzo, #Pune, #ThisToThat, #Chennai, #ContestAlert, #Mumbai, #Hyderabad, #IPL, #PartnerWithSign, #DunyaKiDuniya, #Christmas, #Delhi

Dunzo Content Affinity
Dunzo Content Affinity

According to Qoruz, over 70% of Dunzo’s audience is from Chennai, followed by other metro cities. Most of their base comprises of entrepreneurs and engineers, and 61.1% of their audiences are men.

Dunzo Follower Demographics

In terms of social media engagement, Instagram works best for Dunzo.

Facebook Statistics
Instagram Statistics
Twitter Statistics

A significant bigger chunk of content put up by Dunzo is made of images (85%), while videos form 15% of the total content, as recoded by Qoruz.

Dunzo Videos v/s Images

Given the nature of business Dunzo deals with, it is perhaps obvious that over half of what the brand converses about online is Groceries & Meat (52%). Pick-Up & Drop (13%) Others (13%) are the second most talked about topics for the brand, followed by Contest (8%) and New Selection (7%). Other topics include Wishes (6%) and Late Night Deliveries (1%).

Dunzo Popular Conversation Topics

The engagement rate for Dunzo on Instagram has been pretty much constant, with a few periodic hikes. The most significant spike was observed in October, around the same time when the brand had put up posts in collaboration with Puma for #PropahLady.

Dunzo Instagram Engagement

Conversations in a Crisis

Dunzo has been concentrating on building brand communication around its foot soldiers. There is a focus on explaining operations and harmony between different brands as they are all together in this time of crisis. They have also been sharing details of individual employees, emphasizing the hard work they are putting in to keep things operational. Dunzo has also been communicating about the organisations they have partnered with.

Hyperlocal Communication

Since Dunzo deals with hyperlocal deliveries, it is imperative that they create buzz around the cities they expand services to. They have been doing so with the help of graphic creatives as well as (obvious) manipulation of real-life images. The brand tries to capture the pulse of the city, explaining how they want to be a part of the lives of the residents there.

Two-way talk on Twitter

Like any other brand that deals with customer service, Twitter is key to Dunzo. This is where they make customers feel heard with two-way communication.

Recently, it has become more relevant than before as people tend to have more questions about deliveries during the lockdown. It is also helping them highlight available brands and operations.

Collaborations and More

Most of the content around collaborations put up by Dunzo is around the marketplaces and payment options they work with. On the content collaboration front, Puma’s #PropahLady is one of the most prominent ones Dunzo has executed on social media.

They also ran a contest with Plush to raise awareness about menstrual issues. With LonePack, they amplified the importance of taking mental health seriously. Here, they had sent out adorable messages with Dunzo deliveries in Chennai and Bangalore.

Understanding of interface

Dunzo has put up multiple creatives that leverage the Instagram interface. May it be the one where an element is being passed from one frame to another, or posting multiple pictures that only make sense in the grid. Also, the brand seems pretty strict about only putting up only square creatives.

Content in the Mundane

One of the interesting aspects of Dunzo’s social media communication is how they create content out of mundane objects. These are almost always themed around food, something that works well because of the intrigue and relatability factors. They help people look at these objects in a new light.

Topically, yours truly

It could be any topical or trending format getting viral attention online, Dunzo almost always participates. They put up a creative in sync with their regular style and colour scheme. The brand doesn’t shy away from meme material either.

Campaigns and Consistency

A few weeks ago, Dude with Sign had gained global attention for his peculiar content around cardboard signs. Dunzo was among the first set of brands to have used the format in their communication. Since then, it is something that has been consistently used in their communication multiple times. Most prominently, in two ways — #NariWithSign and #PartnerWithSign.

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Dunzo follows trends as well as creates them. Recently, they were able to leverage the renewed interest in Ramayana and DD National by creating content around it. They spun narratives around popular mythological characters and recreated 90s ads for what they would look like if they were promoting Dunzo.

The brand has been able to keep consumers on the hook with interesting content, especially during the lockdown. It would be interesting to see how things unfold further down the line.