Infographic: 19% LinkedIn users talk about remote working during COVID-19


LinkedIn now has about 33% posts about COVID-19 and has seen a 3X in users searching about remote working in recent weeks.

The hike in generation and consumption of digital content amidst the lockdown has not left LinkedIn untouched. COVID-19 and work from home seem to be two prominent themes that have gained prominence in the communication on the platform. LinkedIn insights indicate that about 36% page posts and 32% member posts are about COVID-19.

IT companies and the financial services sector are most active in discussing coronavirus. They are followed by marketing and advertising, hospitality and health care, NGOs, management consulting, computer software, low practice, insurance and higher education.

COVID-19 and the ongoing national lockdown has sparked conversations about remote work. “Pages are posting more, with posts and shared content increasing in comparison to weeks prior to the global onset of coronavirus,” says LinkedIn.

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Major sub-themes that members and companies are discussing include remote working (19%), crisis management (12%), social distancing (8%), business continuity (4%), online collaboration (6%) and online learning (2%). Interestingly, SMBs with 1 to 200 employees are driving the increase in posts, whereas enterprises are posting slightly less.

Based on the data and the insights recorded by LinkedIn, the platform suggests that while creating content in the times of uncertainty, businesses should never lose sight of the needs of their customers and employees. It is important to demonstrate trustworthiness, bring brand values to life, be supportive, be human, listen intently, be mindful of tone, timing and delivery. You must look forward while keeping your finger on the pulse.

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