Now watch Instagram Live, send DMs on Desktop

Instagram desktop

With a spike in Instagram usage, the platform has rolled out two updates, allowing users to watch Live videos and access DMs on desktop.

Instagram has been working its way to slide into DMs on the desktop for quite some time now. One simple search could get a user various hacks to do so. Reportedly, in February, the option was made available to those using the web application on Windows 10. However, in a recent update, the feature has been rolled out for all desktop users, globally.

While users can share text, images and emojis on Desktop DM, they will not be able to access disappearing images and videos. For that, they will be prompted to check the app. The feature is expected to help creators better manage and respond to the messages they receive in DM.

Also, the platform will now also allow users to watch Instagram Live videos on the desktop. While there is no option to go live using desktop yet, the feature is expected to help creators track comments and better engage with their audiences in real-time.

For users, this will be a better to way consume the content as comments will be displayed separately instead of being superimposed on the live video. There has been a significant hike in the creation and consumption of live videos on the platform recently, with new formats emerging regularly.