JSW Paints' digital film urges viewers to care for #PlanetHome

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JSW Paints Planet Home

The new digital film by JSW Paints, Planet Home, attempts to remind people that acts of thoughtfulness make the world a more beautiful place.

JSW Paints has released a new digital &" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label="film (opens in a new tab)">film titled Planet Home. The film reflects on the thoughtful actions taken by people during the lockdown and the impact those actions have had both in their homes and beyond their walls.  


The film is based on JSW Paints’ philosophy of thinking beautiful by being thoughtful. In the aftermath of the national lockdown, JSW Paints’ focus on the humanity of people’s actions in their homes as well as around their communities, reminds viewers that thoughtful actions help make our world more beautiful.

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A. S Sundaresan, Joint MD & CEO of JSW Paints said, “We wanted our audience to witness the impact of their actions, whether it be at home or in their communities, and how these actions also bring out the beauty in the environment around them. Our film ‘Planet Home’ shines a light on how our thoughtful actions as a society have the ability to make our world better in the present as well as for the future.”

The film captures wide array situations ranging from touching moments experienced between family members at home, to actions taken by people to help out in their neighborhoods, as well as how the environment around us is changing for the better with every act of thoughtfulness. Through this film, the brand wishes to reiterate its position as a thoughtful paint company, aiming to create beautiful experiences for its customers.

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