Snapchat Updates: App Stories, COVID-19 News Tab and more

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Snapchat updates

The latest Snapchat updates include Snap offering Stories to other apps, and new features launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 related updates come in after Snapchat recently announced its partnership with the World Health Organization and US Centers for Disease Control to provide users with the latest and credible information during the pandemic.

Snapchat App Stories

Snapchat now offers Stories to other apps through Snap Kit. It is a set of developer tools to allow other apps to feature Snapchat products such as Bitmoji, ads, and now Stories.

App Stories will allow users from other apps to post their Snapchat Stories to the platform. After Snapchat users link their accounts, they will be able to capture and add Snaps to a Story that will appear in the selected app. Users can then view and manage the Stories they post to the other app on Snapchat. App Stories requires Snapchat 10.74.

Stories has always been a popular format since it's inception. It's the reason for Snapchat's making and breaking, the reason why Snapchat surged and the reason for its downfall after Instagram and Facebook duplicated it.

While major platforms have already cloned it, several up & coming apps are still onto it. And while the end product is crystal clear, developers still need to invest time and resources into it. So, as Snapchat said, "We invented Stories so you don’t have to."

To use Stories in your app, you can send in your ideas to Snapchat by filling out this form, and they will get in touch if they see a fit.

News Tab in Discover

Snapchat is adding a dedicated news tab in Discover to disseminate information and latest updates surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

AR Lenses

Snapchat has rolled out two COVID-19 themed AR Lenses. One uses the camera to visualize the necessary distance you need to maintain to avoid the spread of the virus. When used, users would see a semi-circle around them, that is green when they're safely distant and steadily turns red when they are not.

Snapchat Updates

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The lens also shows a disclaimer that says that it is for "Educational Purposes Only," indicating that it shouldn't be relied upon to measure actual safe distance.

The second is animations that remind you to stay home, not touch your face, and wash hands frequently.

Additionally, Snapchat is also rolling out an AR game aimed to bust myths surrounding the virus. The game is a quiz and educates users about the truths and myths surrounding the virus.

Zenly - Social Distancing Leaderboard Game

A Snapchat-owned location-sharing app called Zenly launched a Leaderboard Game encouraging social distancing and staying home. The game shows how much you and your friends aren't going out.

It ranks the five of your friends that are staying home the most — and if you’re staying home as much or more than they are, you’ll be ranked accordingly too.

Snapchat Updates

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