Snapchat introduces Lens Web Builder for brands

Paawan Sunam
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Snapchat Lens Web Builder

Snapchat launches a new tool, Lens Web Builder within Ads Manager that allows brands to create augmented reality lenses.

Along with adding the usual animation, effects and 3D objects, brands can also add their logo or other images to the filter. Snapchat claims Lens Web Builder to be "industry’s first web-based AR lens ad production tool".

Snapchat has previously also launched branded lenses such as for the movies Venom, Shazam! and Top Gun, but with the newly-launched tool, brands can create the lenses themselves.

The branded lenses can be launched as AR-based ad campaigns or the unskippable six-second Extended Play Commercials ad format.

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In a statement made to Adweek Kaitlin McGirl, Director Of U.S. Creative Strategy, Snap Inc. mentions Lens Web Builder is an attempt to make AR advertising available to any business, without needing to hire professional designers.

"By democratizing access to AR, we’re giving advertisers greater opportunities to connect with our audience in meaningful ways. We can’t wait to see what they build".

It has previously been observed that branded lenses give rise to UGC, as 75% of Snapchat's users engage with augmented reality on the platform daily and lenses are perceived as 'fun to use'

More and more brands are enthusiastic about new and innovative ways to advertise. TikTok and Snapchat are two platforms that currently offer inventive ways to execute campaigns.

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