TikTok introduces Small Gestures to send gifts

TikTok Gestures

TikTok along with their brand partners have launched Small Gestures, a way for users to send gifts to their acquaintances.

Brand Partners associated with TikTok include Adobe Premiere Rush, a video editing app; Skillshare, an online learning community; NYX Professional Makeup, a cosmetics brand; and more. Users can send gifts such as a 90-day subscription to an app and more through TikTok Small Gestures.

How to Access ‘Small Gestures’

  • Search ‘Small Gestures’ on the Discover Page
  • Click on the purple banner at the top of the page
  • Browse through the partner offerings, and select the desired gift

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Examples of Brand Partners and Gifts

  • Adobe Premiere Rush, a video editing app, offers a free 90-day subscription to Premiere Rush.
  • Alo Moves, on-demand yoga & fitness classes for home and on the go, offers a free 30-day trial.
  • DoorDash, on-demand food delivery platform, 1-month free DashPass subscription.
  • Fitplan, fitness training, free 90-day trial of the Fitplan platform.
  • Fluent Forever, a language-fluency app, is offering a 60-day free subscription.
  • Pandora, the streaming service, is offering a 90-day trial subscription.
  • Skillshare, an online learning community, a 2-month Premium Membership for unlimited access to Skillshare.

Gifts you can send through Small Gestures are provided by these and more of such partners in beauty, music, gaming, creativity, fitness & wellness, food & hospitality industries. All gifts listed on Small Gestures are currently free of cost.

Brand Partners on TikTok are opting for the age-old technique of attracting consumers with a free trial or free products through this step. Along with them, TikTok as a platform may also be able to attract fresh users on the platform who would be appealed by the offers.