TSBI Bharat adds ZEE Punjabi and ZEE Biskope to its portfolio

TSBI Bharat

TSBI Bharat adds two regional focussed brands – ZEE Punjabi and ZEE Biskope to its list of clientele.

ZEE Punjabi and ZEE Biskope will be serviced under TheSmallBigIdea’s TSBI Bharat with an aim to address the growing regional audience. Considering the lockdown and with an increasing number of people turning to television to consume content, TheSmallBigIdea will increase the channels’ presence and engagement with viewers as the immediate focus.

While ZEE Punjabi is a Punjabi General Entertainment channel, ZEE Biskope is a Bhojpuri movie channel, both being market leaders in their respective regions. The wins were followed by a multi-agency pitch.

TSBI Bharat will engage with the digital community to create brand awareness. As per the mandate, the agency will lend support to draw attention to the channels’ by managing their social media presence. TSBI Bharat will work closely with both channels to establish a stronger audience connect and drive better outcomes by crafting their regional strategy.

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On strengthening its association with TheSmallBigIdea, Prathyusha Agarwal, Chief Consumer Officer, ZEE Domestic Broadcast Business said, “We are happy to partner with TheSmallBigIdea as the social media agency for two of our successful regional channels, ZEE Punjabi & ZEE Biskope. We believe that while the consumers of regional content may not be massively different, a strong understanding of the cultural nuances and habits brings a lot of value in the marketing promise. We are looking at building a strong regional community in these markets with TheSmallBigIdea’s regional offering TSBI Bharat. TheSmallBigIdea as a part of their Bharat strategy has hired regional digital champions. With their understanding of the digital space and the added relevance brought in by the regional champions, we believe that our social agenda is in safe hands.”

Speaking on the business win, Harikrishnan Pillai, CEO, and Co-Founder, TheSmallBigIdea, said, “TSBI Bharat is an attitude, it’s not a mere linguistic play. We are serious about helping brands speak to regional subsets in this large potpourri called India. We believe that in the brand’s journey to be contextual, language, local insights, platform preference, political orientation, religious context amongst other things becoming very crucial. Communication experts who understand this, enable brands to perform better, and grow faster. I think we have found great partners in ZEE Biskope and ZEE Punjabi who understand the importance of being contextual. We are working closely with the respective teams to build and develop the channels are brand leaders in their respective markets.”