WFH Diaries: Cooking is like therapy to me says, Anupama Ramaswamy

WFH Diaries Anupama Ramaswamy

WFH Diaries ft. Anupama Ramaswamy unravels the lockdown routine of the creative leader while practicing social distancing.

Early morning you can see Ramaswamy doing her bit of gardening and keeping company to her plants in the balcony. According to her, what the lockdown has done has given us the time to think about what is important for in our lives, what we like to do, and also possibly think of alternate careers. WFH Diaries with Anupama Ramaswamy, National Creative Director, Dentsu Impact gives us a sneak peek into her cooking, gardening, and work sessions.

Pondering over these things Ramaswamy is also on her foot managing the household chores and helping her son with his academics and extracurricular.

The lockdown has also made her wonder if the amount of time spent is more important or the quality of time. “Above all, who are the really important people in our lives? Are we spending enough time with them? What it has also taught us is that respect the people who work for us and the value they bring into our lives”.  

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During this time what she loves doing is cooking. She adds, “Cooking for me is like therapy, it makes me happy and of course my plants. They keep me fresh during the day. And now that we are 24*7 working and available at home, its the little breaks that keep the sanity. Also multi-tasking”.

“Like how concall ke beech me suddenly cooker ki siti ka bajna. And for a change everyone is okay about it”, she laughs.

But for her its still 80% work and about 20% home. “Let’s hope this passes too”, she says while sitting to sip a hot cup of beverage.

Watch the video as Ramaswamy quickly slides through her day.