WFH Diaries: From longer days to grocery shopping, Ashish Bhasin shares a glimpse of his new normal

WFH Diaries Ashish Bhasin

Featuring first in our latest video series, WFH Diaries, Ashish Bhasin shares he has never been a big fan of Work From Home (WFH) as he takes us through what a day in his life looks like in these challenging times.

Nearly half of the world is witnessing a lockdown with clouds of uncertainty hovering in the atmosphere. Its been almost a month since most of us back home have been practicing self-isolation. In times like these when working remotely is a necessity and maintaining productivity is a challenge, how do the helmers get the team together to put out the best results? WFH Diaries attempts to capture this sentiment.

Social Samosa rolled out a video series, ‘WFH Diaries’ which goes live today and featuring first in the series is an industry icon, Ashish Bhasin, CEO, APAC, and Chairman, India – Dentsu Aegis Network.

One of the pillars of communication that Bhasin admits to banking on during WFH is that while we practice social distancing, we actually need to practice virtual proximity.

“We need to communicate more and stay in touch with people because there is a lot of anxiety at the moment. I have actually never been a big fan of WFH. I have never worked like this before this episode of COVID-19”, reveals Bhasin.

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He further discloses that there are many things he has done during this period which he missed out on in his normal routine. For instance, the first time in the last 30-35 years he ventured out to buy vegetables and groceries. 

“One of my biggest problems is how do I keep my mouth zipped while working form home as being a Punjabi, food is one of my biggest weaknesses. You have to keep an exercise regime going on,” he shares.

Divulging further, Bhasin shares, “It’s very strange, actually my days are longer than a normal working day because I handle APAC, there are different time zones, the day starts pretty early sometimes”.

The weekend is just a couple days away and Bhasin and his family already have the plan ready. He also plans to catch up on his reading.

Watch the video below to know more about how the industry veteran makes the best out of this WFH period.

Stay tuned as more Advertising & Marketing experts share a page from their Work From Home Diary with little anecdotes, takeaways, & tips.