WFH Diaries: If I get better results with brief in one hand & beer in other then why not, says Pops

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WFH Diaries K.V.Sridhar a.k.a Pops

WFH Diaries with K.V.Sridhar a.k.a Pops, an advertising veteran spanning 36 years of industry experience, lets us take a stroll through his routine in the lockdown as he shares how he makes the most of it.

The man needs no introduction. From humble beginnings as a Bollywood film billboard painter to being at the helm of his own venture - K.V.Sridhar a.k.a. Pops, Global Chief Creative Officer, Nihilent & Hypercollective at Nihilent Limited, has seen it all. WFH Diaries ft. Pops delves into his quarantine regime.

Like the rest of us, Pops is practicing self-isolation and spending his day doing a mix of office work, household chores, physical exercise complemented with a few extracurriculars.

Irrespective of the lockdown, Pops wakes up at 5.30 AM and is in his drawing-room by 6 AM where he catches up on newspaper reading. Later he is ready for his routine morning walk. “I walk at a decent pace and not too fast in my building compound for about 50 minutes,” he shares.  

After a walk within his society premises, Pops is back at his abode brewing a typical South Indian coffee. “Then I sit down and deep dive into my e-newspapers and express my views on Twitter and Instagram”. With household work next on the list, Pops rolls his sleeves to cook a scrumptious breakfast and lunch together. (You need to watch the video to see what’s cooking).

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“10 AM every morning is fixed for the mandatory office call where we brainstorm and discuss essentials for about an hour and a half. It's important for everyone to know what’s happening. Which clients are active and who isn’t”, he shared.

“At the end of the day, your passion and result are what matters. If I get better results with a brief in one hand and a beer in another, then why not”- K.V.Sridhar a.k.a Pops.

The video has been filmed by Pops' son at his place while practicing social distancing.

Watch the video here:

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