WFH Diaries: Prabhakar Mundkur revels in the joy of singing & cooking

Prabhakar Mundkur WFH Diaries

For Prabhakar Mundkur, WFH Diary is all about composing and singing new songs and acing some dishes in the kitchen.

Prabhakar Mundkur, a Brand consultant has been finding more time to do creative things amidst the lockdown – composing and singing songs reading books and a lot of cooking. WFH Diaries featuring the ad veteran cruises through his quarantine schedule while at home 24*7.

He has a feeling that he is going to emerge out of the lockdown as a much better cook. “I am cooking a lot more and I think I have been very good at domestic duties. By the time this lockdown is over, I have become an expert dishwasher, I am much better than my maid at sweeping and mopping the floor”, he shares.

On the sidelines of some household routine, professionally he is very much aware that a lot of his accomplices are keeping themselves busy with online meetings and zoom calls.  He adds here, “They keep telling me that they have zoom calls at 9 in the night and I just wonder why? The economy is in lockdown. There is no production happening. I am not getting the morning newspaper. People cant buy things and advertisers are canceling their contracts on television”.  

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In his words- “Try not to work much harder than you did before the lockdown”. Mundkur also hopes that they find the vaccine that keeps the whole world sane.

A few lines of his composition “Lockdown Blues” read-

“WFH is a pain

I have got the lockdown blues baby

The loneliness is insane”

Watch the video below to hear the closeted jazz musician play his part and listen to his lockdown musings.