WFH Diaries: Vivek Bhargava dons a learner’s hat amid the lockdown

WFH Diaries Vivek Bhargava

WFH Diaries featuring Vivek Bhargava dwells into his passion for learning and the little joys of cherishing meals with the family.

The initial weeks of lockdown, according to Bhargava have probably been his most productive weeks. “I think the philosophy that I have of not actually setting up goals but discipline has made all the difference,” he says. WFH Diaries with Vivek Bhargava, CEO, DAN Performance Group at Dentsu Aegis Network gives us a glimpse of his lockdown regime.

The first thing Bhargava highlights is that he is able to get far more sleep than ever before. “Last month I read this book called ‘Why We Sleep’ and the fascinating part of the book was that if you don’t sleep 8 hours and instead sleep for only 6 hours then you lose 75% efficiency of your sleep rather than losing 25% of it.  And of course, it’s been impossible to sleep for 8 hours during the normal workday tornadoes.”

Bhargava’s day starts with an exercise regime of about 45 minutes including a mix of crawls, lunges, squats, crunches. He has always been a voracious reader and something that he practices on a regular basis is also physical exercise.

 Learning is another thing he has always been into and believes in the concept called learnability. According to him, the more and more you learn the faster you can learn newer things as well as it improves the core. On the sidelines, he is also writing a TedX talk on how learnability is a skill that improves your core skill.

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Bhargava has also taken up a disruptive strategy course at Harvard which he terms as phenomenal. Also, he is spending some time thinking about what can be done for start-ups and conducting virtual panel discussions and talks on how entrepreneurs should be prepared for the crisis.

“I think the companies and entrepreneurs who are going to come out of this crisis with some kind of strengths rather than weaknesses are going to actually treat this crisis as an opportunity than a threat,” he thinks.  

Watch the video as he cherishes the joy of having meals with the family together with lots of learning.