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Mynd Root

How do we

define Mynd Root?

We are a Creative Agency with a difference, with roots in Innovation, Concept, and Design. Our motley squad of thinkers, tinkers, illustrators, sketch artist, motion graphics specialists aim to innovate and explore themselves every day.


Our strength lies in harnessing the positivity of the team members and leveraging the expertise, in order to attempt delivering outstanding creatives and communication to fulfill the demand of the project. We have new offices in the pipeline across Bhubaneswar, New Delhi, and Mumbai over the next few years.

What's in the name?

The mind is the primary source of all creativity and innovation, and we as a team believe in the mental ability to think, create ideas and work with different brains deeply rooted and gives us a new perspective to see things differently. Hence, the name Mynd Root.

What do we do?

We, at Mynd Root, provide the following services:

  • Sports Creative: the team works for sports branding, creative designs, tender presentation, and venue management
  • Brand Consulting- Handling modern age branding, perception building, brand optimization, and creating or redesign brand architecture plan & strategy.
  • Concept & Design- Specialized in brand story creation, product packaging, conceptual based work, and design according to the TG.
  • Brand Communication -Defining & handling brand communication cost-effectively throughout all the media including digital, traditional, non-traditional.
  • Start-up Branding - As a start-up organization, we are committed to support, help, and offer cost-effective branding and marketing package to other start-up brands, SME business in a special discounted price.
  • Image Management- We are into image and profile management of eminent personalities like industrialist, Politicians, celebrities along with election campaign, strategy & film promotion.

Why we do it?

The word Advertising is now becoming

too contemporary and has a negative perception for consumers and brand owners.

We as a team wanted to break the myth of regular and contemporary ads and

create a value proposition for our MSME segment. For us Brand creation,

optimisation or development is more important than promotion.

How we


We believe that change is the only constant thing. We know this is a law of nature, psychology of our consumers, and markets too. That’s why we come up with new ideas and offerings like focusing on retail and MSME segment and sports branding which will be the key to our growth.

Social responsibility in social media

The term Social media is having a social angle & issues as always. We must accept the fact that this is newly available media, unlike print, electronic, or OOH, where the brands can use, explore, and showcase their products and services regularly and in a cost-effective manner.

We believe as a creative or digital agency of a Brand, one must utilize the social media platform to interact, engage with the customers. The target goal should be to create a brand perception & value instead of just posting marketing offers.

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Need of the hour

There should not be any fake news, false statement, comments, and promoting an illegal or wrong product or services.

We learned the hard way

We understood that this is a challenging industry and not easy to sustain. More importantly, many social networking sites are changing their algorithm, norms quite frequently without informing or further notice. So for an agency, brand managers, business owners, should be knowing these facts are as important as showcasing their work. 

They work

with us

FIFA, TATA Steel, KIQ Beer, Unirox cycle, Gameplan, Onestar Garments, Gatim, Hyphen Shirts, The Rose Kitchen, Tea Villa, etc

The industry as we foresee

We think the Indian Social Media industry will evolve as the biggest media and business platform in the upcoming days due to COVID-19 Lockdown. People stayed home and understood the power of digital media and engagement values.

As our PM says Go Local to Vocal, this vision will create more working opportunities in the Indian market for the Indian brands. So we are hoping for a bright future in this segment where more and more retail & MSME brands will be connected through this media.

A day without Internet

Work never gets stopped with the

internet or without the internet and maybe with work without work, which this

lockdown has proved it as well. Don’t worry, Technology & Idea will find

its own way.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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