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Instagram AR

Version 89 of Spark AR Studio has been launched with new AR capabilities, features, and tools for creators.

The new AR tools for Instagram creators include AR Music, Gallery Picker, Stickers Templates and more to augment reality.

AR Music

This tool helps build AR effects that respond to music, such as transformations that move to the rhythm. Users applying these effects can pick a track from the Instagram Music library. Creators can import and use their own music files too, to build the effect, but the tracks need to be legally licensed. You can also learn to make effects that respond to music and sound with a tutorial.

Media Library

The Media Library feature gives an option to build AR effects with photos and videos from your device's Gallery or shot from Instagram Camera.

Gallery Picker

Gallery Picker will let creators create Instagram effects that users can personalize and customize with their own images, the effects created through this tool would be called the Green Screen Effect.

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AR Stickers Templates

New templates have been added for 2D and 3D stickers, that use Instagram’s Native UI Picker, giving users more options for the types of stickers they can pick. Creators can create world AR effects using plane tracking to place images and objects in a scene. The new templates are available in the 'Create New' tab of the welcome screen in Spark AR Studio.

Instagram AR

Effect Stories

Effect Stories, a feature that lets creators discover how people are using effects published by them. It's a collection of up to 25 Stories that used the same effect. The option was launched at the end of last month.

Creators can go to the Effects tab on the profile page, then tap on a published effect, to see how users are engaging with their effects.

Instagram AR

Effect Gallery

Instagram will continue to showcase AR effects related to cultural themes and moments. Such as Stay Home, and Graduation 2020.

Stories that used the 'Stay Home' from the accounts a user follows were added to a shared Instagram story, allowing users to see how others are practicing social distancing.

Instagram AR
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