Instagram to have new Spark AR Studio features and AR capabilities for creators

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Spark AR Studio has released new features for Instagram such as target tracking, native slider, templates, and more.

New features & capabilities in Spark AR Studio for Instagram:

Instagram AR Target Tracking

With this feature, creators can build AR experiences that are contextually tied to static images such as logos, signs, and pictures, on any flat surface in the real world.

To use the feature, point your Instagram camera at the target image, the effect will be triggered and appear as a digital overlay in the camera.

Instagram Spark AR

Native Slider

Native Slider is an optional controller that can aid users with more personalization and control.

The slider can be selected directly in the Instagram Camera and lets users make fine adjustments to different effect details to objections, animations, augmentations and more.

Instagram Spark AR


Creators can use pre-designed projects and effects such as face masks, background segmentation, color filters ad more to find starting points for their ideas and tailor them to build custom AR Experiences.

Instagram Spark AR

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Actions provide sets of pre-packaged shortcuts for routine tasks that reduce a range of common, repetitive steps, to streamline workflow.

For instance, it can take up to 10 steps to place an object on a face effect, but with actions, this process can be reduced to a single click.

Today’s update of Spark AR Studio will support actions for placing objects on people or positioning them in the world, as well as Actions that help add simple object animations.

This update will support actions that help add simple object animations as well as placing objects on people or positioning them in the world.

Instagram Spark AR

In-App Upload

The new Spark AR Studio update automates several manual steps such as exporting and uploading to Spark AR Hub.

In addition, the studio is releasing an update to Spark AR Studio(v76) that introduces new features that streamline the creation of AR effects.

Instagram Spark AR

Spark AR Studio (v76) update is available now for download on all macOS and Windows compatible computers.

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