Decoding: Johnson’s Baby India Social Media Strategy

Johnson's Baby India

With consistency in visual themes for campaigns and focus on influencers and testimonials, Johnson’s Baby India Social Media Strategy is one to behold, we understand how.

Johnson’s Baby India has a strong visual social media presence, which is a mix of brand and influencer content. They speak to new parents in a language that is kind, understanding and informative. The communication is packed with graphics and real-life images, sprinkled with pastel hues. With the help of Qoruz data, here we dissect the Johnson’s Baby India Social Media Strategy.

Johnson’s Baby India Social Media Strategy

Johnson’s Baby India is most active on Instagram and Facebook, where most of the creatives are duplicated, helping with amplification. When running campaigns, the brand focuses heavily on maintaining a grid structure and having consistency in the visual design and format of the posts.

On YouTube, video creatives are documented along with peripheral content on baby care and pregnancy. They haven’t been active on Twitter since 2018 apart from basic ORM replies against complaints.

Facebook: 12.8M followers
Twitter: 3,016 followers
Instagram: 14.9K followers
YouTube: 212K Subscribers
Prominent hashtags: #GentleTogether and #ChooseGentle

Explaining the social media strategy at play, Sonal Jhuj, Head Corporate Strategy & VP Strategy, DDB Mudra Group tells us, “Everything we do is meant to ensure that a mother feels supported in her journey of doing her best to create a gentle world for her baby.”

“We’ve always focused on this single-minded, consistent strategy that flows through our thinking, our content, our design, our UGC; while always creating for the platform. While it’s a lot of work to keep the creative output consistent yet fresh, the strategic clarity helps,” she added. DDB Mudra Group is the agency on record for Johnson’s Baby India.

Across social media platforms, Johnson’s Baby India prominently gets traction for Family & Parenting related content, in sync with their brand proposition and offerings. Though far less in occurrence, other topics attracting people include Food & Drink, Skin Care, Education and Movies.

Johnson's Baby India Social Media Strategy
Johnson’s Baby India Content Affinity

In terms of engagement statistics recorded by Qoruz, Instagram is the best platform for the brand, with an average engagement rate of 0.61%.

Although they get the most number of likes on Facebook with average likes ranging at around 2K. With 163K average views on YouTube, the video streaming platform is a strength for the brand.

Facebook Statistics
Instagram Statistics
Twitter Statistics
YouTube Statistics

Care Range makes for almost half the bulk (48%) of popular conversation topics for Johnson’s Baby India. Expert Session (22%) is another prominent topic. New Launch (11%) and Contest (4%) also work well for the brand.

Johnson’s Baby India Popular Conversation Topics on Social Media

A significantly large portion of the social media posts by Johnson’s Baby India are Images (68%), followed by Videos at 32%, according to Qoruz data.

Johnson’s Baby India Format with Maximum Engagement on Social Media

Dissecting the data related to video posts, Qoruz data indicates that Johnson’s Baby India gets most traction for Celebrity Testimonials (43%) and Product (30%). Other engaging topics include Entertainment (11%), Mom’s Story (10%) and Brand (4%).

JB - Video Content Analysis
Johnson’s Baby India Video Content Analysis

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Focus on home

Recently with the ongoing lockdown, Johnson’s Baby India has been focusing on content that talks on life at home. Although this is something that has been consistent in their communication earlier as well, it is more prominent and distinct now.

Live sessions have also become a regular feature, some of them being conducted in partnership with platforms like Momspresso.

Watch party with Rannvijay Singh

Hello mommies and daddies the wait is over! Watch @Rannvijay Singh Singha work out with his daughter Baby Kai as they enjoy being #GentleTogether

Posted by JOHNSON'S baby on Saturday, 18 April 2020

They are also talking more about dad and child bonding and how parents and their children can be #GentleTogether. Quite often, the CTA is to share images with children in comments or using relevant hashtags.

Dads playing with their baby is an adorable sight, especially when they are engaged in their amusing games. It's a time…

Posted by JOHNSON'S baby on Friday, 17 April 2020

Consistency in visuals

Whenever Johnson’s Baby India is running a campaign or documenting an event, there is a consistency in the layout of the posts. On Instagram, a grid is maintained and the same format, theme and colour scheme is followed throughout. This has been done multiple times by the brand.

Johnson's Baby India Social Media Strategy Instagram grid 2

Johnson's Baby India Social Media Strategy Instagram grid 1

Celebrity endorsements

Multiple celebrities have been roped in by the brand from time to time to endorse products. These celebrities, both male and female often take up screen space to talk about their experiences of being parents and how the brand offerings make their life easier. The experiences narrated are relatable for parents.

Influencers and testimonials

Influencer marketing seems to be a big part of the brand’s social media strategy. The brand often conducts events with newbie parents and influencers, documenting it online.

Influencer posts about the products and their use are also reposted quite often. Images accompanying such posts are intriguing, endearing and emotive, speaking to young parents.

All about baby care

Apart from talking about the brand and the products, Johnson’s Baby India has a depository of peripheral content around parenting, pregnancy and child care, especially about the initial days of baby care. These are informative and include tips of new parents with subtle branding.

Through and through Johnson’s Baby India social media content speaks to parents, especially young parents, being a guide while navigating through unknown territories of baby care. The colour scheme of the communication included subtle hues that go well with the topic of baby care.