In conversation with Sunil Chhetri, Ranveer Singh recalls copywriting days

Ranveer Singh

Being nostalgic about his intern days as a copywriter, actor Ranveer Singh raps during an Instagram Live with Footballer Sunil Chhetri.

A few days ago, Footballer Sunil Chhetri and Actor Ranveer Singh went Live on Instagram to discuss life under lockdown, likes, dislikes, nostalgic memories and more. One of the points briefly talked about in the candid conversation was about Singh’s stint as a copywriter in Mumbai. He had interned at Ogilvy as well as JWT, Mumbai.

Warmly recalling the feedback, Singh had received during those internships, he says he could have been a good copywriter. “I used to write raps even back then and they used to call me the rhyme specialist. They used to say if you have a line and you need a rhyme for it, just go to this guy. He is like a rhyme doctor, he can rhyme anything with anything.”

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During Singh’s time at JWT, he says, the agency used to handle Good Knight, for which he had written a radio jingle. It was well-received by the client. “Our seniors used to be hungry for awards, writing cerebral kinds of ads that would win at events like Cannes. It wasn’t possible for me back then to write stuff like that and so I used to write very low brow ads.”

He then proceeded to recite the raps he wrote for Good Knight, stating how simple and easy to understand lines were liked by clients. “I used to sell more ads as an intern than my seniors who were writing cerebral ads. So, clearly, I had a future as a low brow output kind of copywriter,” he said.