Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Apna Mask, Styled by Levi's & more

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Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the social media campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Ryan Reynolds advertisements, Apna Mask initiative and Styled by Levi's Pinterest quiz.

Ryan Reynolds & the art of crafting raw advertisements

By using a PPT to create a Mint Mobile ad, Ryan Reynolds has brought into focus a ‘Hey, I could have done this!’ quality in his advertisements. Read more here.

Apna Mask: StartUpVsCOVID initiative sees brand participation

Doing their bit to spread awareness about COVID-19 precautions, brands don masks on logos, helping Apna Mask initiative garner visibility. Read more here.

Styled by Levi’s: Pinterest facilitates brand to create inspiration for purchase journey

Utilising the visual data recognition and matching features of Pinterest, Levi’s was able to create a style quiz called Styled by Levi’s. Read more here.

Adidas releases ‘Ready for Sport’ in integration with its employees

‘Ready to Sport’ is an initiative by Adidas to regain optimism in times of the current pandemic. The film features over 2500 athletes. Read more here.

Coca-Cola releases ads for markets inching towards ‘New Normal’

As parts of the globe make their way into the world after COVID-19, Coca-Cola launched new digital spots to keep up the spirits. Read more here.

Dalda Vanaspati campaign lauds women’s efforts to keep things running amidst lockdown

Shot remotely, Dalda Vanaspati campaign video focuses on the efforts being put in by mothers to ensure their working-from-home kids are well-fed and happy. Read more here.

TOI’s Mask India empowers citizens to be Corona warriors

In response to the national toll of COVID-19 positive cases and resultant deaths, The Times of India raised a country-wide call to Indians for making and wearing their own masks with #MaskIndia movement. Read more here.

The Force Awakens: Star Wars brand posts rise

*War Drums* It is a moment of joy during the period of a pandemic. The troopers have risen to hop in their topical pods and win the Boonta Eve Classic with Star Wars brand posts. Read more here.

World Laughter Day 2020: Brightening solemn faces

Despite a rather ironic timing of World Laughter Day in the middle of a pandemic, brand creatives help keep spirits up & consumers happy. Read more here.

#MatKarForward: TikTok ropes in celebrities in latest campaign against misinformation

Featuring Virat Kohli, Kriti Sanon, Ayushmann Khurrana and Sara Ali Khan, #MatKarForward is a TikTok awareness initiative against misinformation amidst COVID-19. Read more here.

A spirited symposium of Rishi Kapoor brand posts

Rishi Kapoor brand posts mourn the legend and relinquish the moon and stars on his feet. Read more here.

Inside: BBLUNT #GrowOutChallenge – Homemade Advertising the future?

BBLUNT #GrowOutChallenge is an initiative undertaken courtesy the growing internet trend of cutting hair at home during the lockdown. We dwell deeper to find out how the campaign translates into RoI? Read more here.

Brand Saga Recap: Ft. Kukure, Idea Cellular, KBC, & more

Social Samosa’s Brand Saga recently completed exploring the advertising journey of 50 iconic brands. We do a quick Brand Saga recap of the brands that got featured in 2020 so far. Read more here.

Smile Foundation social media strategy: Consistency in NGO communication

Real-life images of beneficiaries and on-ground activities are consistent in the social media strategy of Smile Foundation across platforms. Read more here.

Mom’s Magic Campaigns as comforting as moms and cookies

Opening a pack of Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Campaigns, and letting the enchanting warmth takeover as we celebrate the ones who make the world a better place. Read more here.

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