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YouTube is experimenting with showing details of the products mentioned or showed in a video, overlaid in the video and below the video.

The test will be run for a limited period and is presently live in the US. Videos that discuss or mention products would include additional details of the products. YouTube will observe how users engage with the 'Products In This Video' feature.

The platform describes the experiment as, "For example, in a 'top 10 smartphones in 2020' video, some viewers will see an icon on the video, along with more information below, listing the phone models included in the video".

This feature may be a huge step towards bringing in novelty for marketing on YouTube. Consumers are already coming on to YouTube for seeing product reviews before buying it. Moreover, creators such as Bhuvan Bam do in-video promotions.

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There are several applications to this feature, brands using the 'Products In This Video' feature in their content marketing pieces - such as an F&B brand doing DIY recipe video, a fitness brand using it in a workout tutorial video, creators using it for makeup tutorials to promote a beauty brand, and many more.

Recently, YouTube was also testing Creator Ads Sales Pilot – an experiment allowing creators to sell advertisements directly to brands.

Although, there is not much information available on whether the platform would use a kind of a detection software to detect the products in the video, or users would have to manually enter it, the kind of channels that would have access to this feature, whether creators would have access to the feature, and more. If this feature has a 'Shop' button, its gold.

Previously, few of the features released for creators had parameters that required them to have a higher following, and few features released for brands would be somehow restricted around products from the Google suite, such parameters for accessibility of the features can also be expected for the new feature.

More or less the feature holds great potential for brands to market their products, for creators to monetize their videos, and for users to get specific information for products they spot and are interested in while seeing a video.

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