#Throwback Harley-Davidson Campaigns that attempted to redefine Freedom

Harley-Davidson Ads

Aiming to capture varied emotions, Harley-Davidson ads have a history of campaigns around adventure and rebel. Social Samosa brings to you a collated list of some of the best Harley-Davidson campaigns.

Once a cult brand, now making a comeback with its content marketing strategy and new campaigns, Harley-Davidson is noted for its customization, giving way to chopper motorcycle to the world. While the American motorcycle brand witnessed a decline in India around December 2019, its campaigns always aim to be rebellious & revolve around freedom, much like what it stands for.

Touted to be more than just motorcycles, Harley-Davidson has a rich history of campaigns and content since its inception in 1903. The brand even has an engaged community of Bikers with the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G). Events such as the H.O.G Rally in India and Harley Rock Riders aim to amplify the passion of its audiences towards the brand.

Belonging to the brand archetype of an Outlaw, Harley-Davidson ads range from being rebellious to outrageous to even being somewhat offensive in a few of its campaigns. The ad campaigns are mostly focussed on urging the riders to follow their dreams and living by it.

Be it the ‘Inner Child’ showcasing the turmoil inside a man to ‘Breathe’ depicting the adventure, fun, and restlessness or ‘Freedom for all, All for Freedom’ to the recent ‘Livewire’ & ‘Freedom Stories in India’, Harley ads attempt capturing the adventurous streak of the passionate riders with varied emotions.

Social Samosa brings to you a collation of Harley-Davidson ads- the best and the worst, aiming to change the air amidst all the anxiety in the world.

Living by it

The Anniversary

Inner Child

Gone Fishin’

Roll Your Own

Harley Inside

Freedom Stories India

Try living off the straight & the narrow

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All for Freedom, Freedom for All

Live Your Legend


Harley-Davidson – Respected Everywhere

The Unusual Girl


No Cages

Magic Hour



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