TikTok reportedly tests AR ad format

TikTok AR ad format

TikTok is working on an AR ad format that adds interactive visual effects to videos and transforms the physical environment.

The ads will be clickable and feature background music. A user could interact with a brand mascot, or transform the background in the frame with the new TikTok AR ad format, Digiday reports.

The global rollout is estimated to commence in the third quarter of this year and the pricing is unknown as of now. A TikTok spokesperson told the publisher the feature is at the experimenting stage and is attempted to bring an interactive element to brand campaigns on the platform.

Meanwhile, Snapchat has already pioneered AR experiences, with creative collaborations, branded AR lenses, multiple brand integrations, and has also built a creative community.

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Facebook & Instagram have also come a long way with their Spark AR Community and several AR filters & experiences, branded or otherwise

TikTok currently boasts 119 Million Active Users in India, and the country is also one of the biggest drivers of its app installs. The app has also been integrating advertising on the platform.

While the new feature may work with the users and brands, the creation of those AR experiences and effects is intriguing. Whether they’d be produced in-house or in collaboration with creators, it is unclear as of now.

Although, TikTok will go head to head with two giants – Facebook & Snapchat in the AR game.