Vivek Nayer bids adieu to Mahindra & Mahindra

Vivek Nayer

As CMO of Group Corporate Brand at the Mahindra Group, Vivek Nayer was responsible for steering their branding and marketing efforts.

Announcing his departure from the Mahindra Group after almost 15 years at the helm of the brand’s corporate branding and marketing initiatives, Vivek Nayer expressed his gratitude on Twitter. He says, “When a journey begins, it also has to end one day!”

“It has been such a fantastic ride – some great experiences, huge learnings, several memories & so many great friends made. Thank you all,” he wrote, concluding the note with a namaste emoji.

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Last year in an interview with Social Samosa, Nayer had talked about the importance of authenticity in brand communications, stating that saying something you are not is like asking for trouble. “Brands not only need to have a purpose but need to live and deliver on the purpose. Otherwise, it’ ll cause a trust deficit,” he had said.

At Mahindra & Mahindra, Nayer saw through the execution of several #RiseForGood campaigns, creating conversations people needed to pay attention to. Two prominent topics covered under the initiative were the importance of educating girls and the perils of plastic waste.

After the lockdown has lifted, he plans to spend a few months in Delhi with his ailing mother. He hasn’t yet announced what the next step would be for him, professionally.