#WFHDiaries Lack of face to face time with team takes toll on your emotional health: Chetan Mahajan

Chetan Mahajan

WFH Diaries featuring Chetan Mahajan unravels his routine amidst the lockdown where he finds solace in virtual team bonding sessions.

“The last couple of months have been tough on mankind- both at the personal and professional front,” notes Chetan Mahajan, Founder & CEO, The Mavericks. In our latest episode of WFH Diaries, the video takes a quick stroll through his day.

“This is not my usual look but a post COVID-19 one,” Mahajan laughs while shooting the video. Further, he goes onto share that he is a strong believer in ‘a fit mind stays in a fit body’. That’s what pushes him to get up early in the morning, hit the gym and get to be in the office by 8.30 AM.

“I used to start my day early and end it pretty early too, around 5 PM I used to leave the office for home. Spend half an hour conversing with my wife over a cup of tea and then get back to work for a couple of hours before unwinding and going to bed at around 10.30 PM,” he shares while recalling his pre-lockdown days.

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After the lockdown its been a different world altogether. Mahajan is barely able to get up before 6.30 AM. “Thankfully I have a cycle at home so I do spend about 45-minute on the machine.” He also used to do intermittent fasting which is completely been thrown out of the gear now.

But even in this state, Mahajan tries to start early except the days when he is having his morning showers in the evening. He mentions that the entire team has taken to this challenge very well and they are working doubly hard. “While we all were used to con calls and video calls, I think the quantum of work and engagement, the lack of face to face time with the team and the clients definitely takes a toll on your emotional health”.

From a productivity point of view, Mahajan elucidates that the team has been doing 50% more work than usual. While the work is going on the fun element is of course being missed which he looks forward to eagerly.

Watch the video to know how he is balancing the home and work life while staying positive and looking forward to the happier times.