#WFHDiaries: Family time and little breaks from work help Manesh Swamy deliver better

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Manesh Swamy

The latest episode of WFH Diaries features Manesh Swamy as he lets us take a sneak peek into his daily routine amidst the lockdown while spending quality time with la Familia.

According to Manesh Swamy, Vice President-Creative, Logicserve Digital, Work From Home is the only solution we as individuals can offer to the grave situation out there. In the video series, WFH Diaries, he mentions how planning the calendar has formed an important part of his daily routine along with taking little breaks from home for himself.

Talking about the changing work patterns, Swamy shares, “Yes we have slightly changed the way we work. Creative teams are supposed to brainstorm together, get into hurdles, and come up with great solutions for clients. All that is happening but virtually”.  

He also believes that managing all of this, one has to be mentally and physically fit. “We as a family are working out together and do a little bit of dancing. The most important part of my daily routine is spending some time with myself and do a little bit of meditation for 15-20 minutes,” he mentions. That helps him to clear his thoughts and plan the day a little better.

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He also admits to having to treat this lockdown as a blessing in disguise. Where he is able to spend some time with his son watching movies, playing with him, setting up his lego, doing a lot of paintings, sketching exercises – Seeing his son smiling throughout makes his day.

"Planning my calendar has also become the most important part of my weekly regime apart from connecting with my colleagues and clients," he dwells further. Swamy also, makes sure that he plans his breaks very well with the family. "Whether it is tea time having snacks or lunches with my wife, it is kind of helping me deliver better throughout the day because in this current scenario you are spending 14-15 hours a day daily working".

"Nobody could have prepared for a crisis like this but I think we are learning," he thinks. The only trick according to him for staying sane in this scenario is taking as many breaks throughout the day.

Watch the video to know how Manesh actually spends his little breaks from work, how do the informal tea time session with colleagues pan out, and more.

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