#WFHDiaries Jhaadu Pocha is the best possible workout during the lockdown: Nisha Singhania

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Nisha Singhania WFH Diaries

The lockdown for Nisha Singhania, is going way better than she had anticipated, reveals the industry leader in our latest episode of WFH Diaries.

Infectious advertising had started working from home even before the lockdown was announced. WFH Diaries featuring Nisha Singhania, Founder & Director, Infectious advertising unravels the industry maven’s lockdown routine.

For Singhania, the weekdays are flying by with all the video calls, conference calls, brainstorm, and ideation sessions. She reveals that people are actually being way more responsible and efficient than they would normally be.

“This model we look forward to implementing in the future when things are back to normal. We would want to have a couple of WFH days for ourselves,” she added.  

On the personal front, Singhania thinks we all are getting a lot of time to invest in ourselves. She has also discovered the best possible workout one could get and it’s not going to the gym or doing yoga, it is actually doing ‘jhaadu-pocha’ at home. The industry leader also looks forward to losing a lot of weight during this lockdown.

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Singhania has always been a fan of cooking and is now getting some time to experiment with recipes and eating healthier.

She shares a funny instance, “I have a teenage son and his online schooling is going on. I try and sneak into his room to be a part of the online process but I am promptly thrown out”. On a serious note, she admits getting a lot of time to spend with her son which erstwhile doesn’t happen due to his study schedule and her work life.

“I have also taken up a couple of online courses that I always wanted to do. In the nights the sleep hours have changed quite dramatically because of all the binging the one is doing,” shares Singhania.

On the whole, it’s been a great journey for her with no complaints.

Watch the video as Singhania recites few lines of the verses she penned down on the present situation.

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