#WFHDiaries: Daily workout helps Rubeena Singh stay disciplined and focused

Rubeena Singh

The lockdown hasn’t dampened Rubeena Singh’s spirit to stay fit both physically and mentally. WFH Diaries featuring the leader lets us take a walk through her daily regime in these times.

Juggling different roles that of an agency leader, a mother, and a wife- Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect India is finding ways to make this lockdown and work from home more productive. The agency icon features in the latest episode of our WFH Diaries and lets us take a sneak peek into how she spends her day while practicing social distancing.

A mother to a 7-year-old, Singh is very much into health and fitness because she believes it helps her stay disciplined and focused. On a lighter note, she loves wearing high heels which she is thoroughly missing these days. “As you can see I am just living in flats like most of us,” she laughs.  

Singh notes that she has always believed for working women it’s been a huge challenge managing their work life and their family lives. She adds, “But in times like these where our entire lives have been disrupted, where we are working from home and at home because of the lack of help. We are also looking after our children, their education and also our family. I think this whole multi-tasking has gone to another level altogether”.

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But the bright side of that is, Singh shares, “ I am getting to spend more time with my daughter and family as much as I had never had the chance to do it before”. Having said that people say that they have a lot more time in hand. On the contrary she feels her day just goes in a whizz.

Watch the video to know-how.