#WFHDiaries: For Sanil Jain, chai & poha time is the best part of the day

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Sanil Jain

WFH Diaries featuring Sanil Jain takes a sneak peek into his daily routine while locked at home and how he revels into the company of his family while working from home.

The lockdown has given birth to the new normal, but for Sanil Jain, Co-Founder, CupShup its the new habit that he looks forward to implementing beyond these days. WFH Diaries featuring Jain talks about the little joys and privileges of working from home and what does it entail.

Jain feels the imposed lockdown is a great opportunity to do new things, build new habits, and learn new things. Earlier he uses to go out for a run, and now since going out is a strict no, he practices Suryanamaskar for 20 minutes followed by some Anulomvilom and Kapalbhati.

Jain’s favorite time of the day is the breakfast - having chai and poha. “I have poha at least 3-4 times a week. It is my absolutely favorite food. Having grown up in Madhya Pradesh, mostly Bhopal and Indore… I think I have never gone more than 7 days without having poha”.

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As soon as the clock strikes 10, Jain is quick to be on his work desk listing down the pending tasks, creating a broad schedule of the day and remaining week. At 11 he gets accompanied by all the city managers over a Zoom video call to discuss, review and plan the work.

After having lunch, Jain prefers taking a break of 30 minutes for reading. “Just a couple of days back I picked up this book called ‘Where Will Man Take Us’. It’s a book around how technology is shaping our lives, why we are behaving the way we are. It’s a fascinating read for all the tech enthusiasts out there,” he shares.

He has also wanted to learn about UI and UX since the agency is launching a new digital platform and web application. Jain spends almost an hour daily to learn about it and hopes by end of this lockdown he’ll be able to implement a lot of those learnings into building the product.

Jain has also been mastering at brewing some adrakwali chai tea in the house during the evening snack time. He adds here, “I have these chaklis to go with chai. So my mother-in-law makes delicious chaklis and this is made of rice flour. It’s a good alternate to maida based and besan based snacks."

Watch the video to know how he ends his day and looks forward to continue the routine for rest of the days and beyond.

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