#WFHDiaries Every day is not the same so treat weekends like weekends: Varun Duggirala

Sneha Yadav
May 11, 2020 04:32 IST
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Varun Duggirala WFH Diaries

In our latest episode of WFH Diaries, Varun Duggirala shares how the lockdown has impacted his daily routine.

According to Varun Duggirala, Co-Founder & Content Chief, The Glitch, the lockdown has instilled much more productivity in people. WFH Diaries featuring the digital expert digs deeper into his work planning form home and management mantra.

The primary idea, for Duggirala, while working from home has always been to find a definite structure, and to maintain it and your normal routine goes for a toss. He gets up in the morning and makes sure to have a cup of coffee and breakfast with the family. He also thinks that physical exercise is something which is important for all especially in these times to stay fit and healthy. He gets his workout done every single day without fail.

Post some team video conferences and indulging in brainstorming, in the afternoon Duggirala sets some time off to work on his podcast ‘Advertising is Dead’. He shares, “I am actually finding it interesting that I am getting to have a lot more conversations with people and also simultaneously working on another project”.

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As per him, it is also important to find at least an hour a

day where it’s not about your work but yourself. “The time which you can

actually spend working on yourself, reading a book or listening to some

podcasts or something else and not just watching the news”, he added.

Duggirala thinks that during these days people find ways to organize their lives better and also keep it a little fresh. He also advises everyone to treat weekends like weekends because every day is not the same.

He adds here, “I caught up with a couple of friends over a Zoom call just how you catch up on weekend. I try to play scrabble with my sister and mother and it’s been very entertaining. I do that on and off on weekday nights”.  

“Please spend time with the family and make sure you have a routine,” he suggests.

Watch the video to know his thoughts on work from home bringing more productivity and how is he keeping up with the lockdown.

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