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The power of communication and influence is being used by these brands to support the Black Lives Matter Movement to kill injustice and racism.

Showing their stance & support, providing resources, raising funds, educating people about ways they can pitch in, listing organizations, and nonprofits that everyone can support are a few ways these brands are voicing out 'black lives matter'.

The murder of George Floyd(RIP) by a Minnesota Police Officer named Derek Chauvin while taking him in custody sparked protests in various cities across US such as Washington DC, New York City, and more, after the video of the officer kneeling on his neck, and George saying, "I can't breathe" was surfacing.

George Floyd's killing reiterated the age-old suppression of black lives under white supremacy and calls for justice for more lives lost such as Breona Taylor(RIP), Ahmaud Arbery(RIP), and many more.

The movement has now spread all over the world as people fight the prejudice that has a global presence. Movements across places such as Toronto(Canada), London(UK), Idlib Province(Syria), Milan(Italy), and more, have now erupted.

We have lost numerous lives to racism, it has shattered countless dreams, and several still suffer. But the call for justice is being answered, and bolstering this movement are several brands who have used their voice to make the voice for justice stronger.

While there are several corporates, global networks, and huge companies supporting the movement, there is also a small business named Gandhi Mahal Restaurant(Minneapolis MN), their building was burned, but they won't let the fire die.

Gandhi Mahal Restaurant- Minneapolis MN

Nike, who had recently also put across their most controversial but iconic campaign - 'Believe In Something' in support of Colin Kaepernick, who protested against racial injustice and police brutality, is supporting the movement again by summoning everyone to be a part of the change. Reebok and Adidas stand in solidarity too.




Production Houses such as Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and HBO have come together for the creative community and the audience. Supporting this stance are streaming platforms such as Netflix US, STARZ by Lionsgate, Hulu, Twitch, and YouTube.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Netflix US


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STARZ by Lionsgate

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Mercedes-AMG F1

Mercedes-AMG F1 stands with their most celebrated racer Lewis Hamilton's views and embrace diversity in all forms.

Shady Records and GQ lists the organizations that pioneer the movement that people can donate to or provide resources and sign petitions. Shady Records is observing a 'Black Out Tuesday' today(June 6).

Shady Records



Glossier raises funds for more of such nonprofits and is also educating the community who wish to make a change.

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Twitter who was also recently in the news for labeling a Tweet by Donald Trump in response to the #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd movement as "promoting violence", has once more spoken up against the repression of blacks and the browns.

More brands support the movement.

Urban Outfitters


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LIBERTY AND JUSTICE #blacklivesmatter

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Foot Locker


If we have missed out on any brand supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

In memory of all lives lost to racism.

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