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Mother Dairy lockdown campaign

Blending its core proposition of 'Rishton Ka Swaad Badaye' with missing 'Ma Ke Haath Ka Khaana', a case for many during the recent times, Mother Dairy lockdown campaign attempted riding on the nostalgia wave.

Amidst the ongoing lockdown across the nation, while many cherish time with their family, a lot of the people miss 'Ma Ke Haath Ka Khaana'. The Mother Dairy lockdown campaign case study explores how the brand blended this thought with its brand proposition of ‘Rishton Ka Swaad Badaye' through a nostalgia-evoking message from Zakir Khan.

Category Introduction

The organized sector ghee market in India is over Rs. 41000 crore with a volume size of more than 800000 MT as reported by IMARC study for 2019.

As per the study the total ghee market in India is has grown at a CAGR of 11.0% during the period between 2012-2019. Going forward, the study also estimates that ghee sales will grow at a CAGR of 15.4% in the coming 5 years.

Brand Introduction

Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd is one of the leading dairy players that manufactures markets & sells milk and milk products including cultured products, ice creams, paneer and ghee under the ‘Mother Dairy’ brand. The Company also has a diversified portfolio with products in edible oil under the ‘Dhara’ brand and fresh fruits & vegetables, frozen vegetables, a range of unpolished pulses, honey, etc. under the ‘Safal’ brand.


During the current lockdown, while few are enjoying with their family and savoring home-cooked food, there are others who are not able to meet their families and missing them. Sharing this feeling of being alone, doing household work, and missing ‘Maa ke Haath ka Khaana’ made with Ghee and lots of love, Zakir Khan in his latest video brings forward the nostalgia of being together with his mother.

Problem Statement/Objective

The objective behind the campaign was to invoke this emotion which many of us, staying away from family under the current lockdown scenario will relate to. Not only people who are stranded but people who are lucky enough to be with their families.  That’s where food as an ultimate agent to socialize and be with our loved ones comes into play.

This universal emotion of 'Maa ke Haath Ka Khana' with Ghee ki Khushboo is what excites and entices the conversation for many. The brand's central ideation was also to invoke this very thought and create conversations around it.


These times of lockdown/pandemic where we are confined at our homes, we have realized the importance of being together with family more than ever. This has made us feel blessed to have such a protective yet loving childhood.

Food brings everyone together and creates fond memories. Mother Dairy wanted this thought to blend in with their core proposition ‘Rishton Ka Swaad Badaye’, and that’s how ghee ki Khushboo reminds us of ‘Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana’ in these times and this was the core thought behind the brief.

Creative Idea

Going with the key consumer insights that food is an ultimate social agent that has the power to bring people together, Mother Dairy strives to bring these values to its consumers through its range of healthy dairy products. As per the part of Mother Dairy’s ongoing campaign ‘Rishton Ka Swad Badhaaye’, the company made an association with the famous writer, presenter, actor, and stand-up comedian Zakir Khan to inculcate the same emotion with the views around the current context.

The idea behind having Zakir Khan for the narrative was his popularity with both masses and classes.

He connects well with youngsters, speaks their language and emotions. Not only is he a good comic timing but is a profound writer-poet as well. All these combined together was a compelling case to cast him.

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Due to the lockdown, the brand could not shoot with the proper setup and it was a handheld shot. But it added to the authenticity and character of the poem.


The brief was shared and discussed with Khan including the core thought. He then penned down the poem. Post a few rounds of editing and feedback the final output was self-shot and shared.  This video campaign is Live on Instagram and Facebook on Zakir’s social media handles as well as Mother Dairy Fresh Delights pages.



  • 23 million views across social media platforms which were tracked.
  • 89K + Video shares


Sanjay Sharma, Business Head – Dairy Products, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd., said, “In the time of crisis empathy is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. During this time, we believe in offering the content of value that builds solidarity and creates a lasting positive impression on the audience. With love and belongingness, the relation of brand Mother Dairy will strengthen with the masses.”

Thanking Zakir Khan for his beautiful verse, he added, “In light of these troubled times, I am grateful to Mr. Zakir Khan for coming forward and associating with Mother Dairy. We are thankful for his expertise in communication, acting, and expression that has increased the campaign engagement significantly.”

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