Coffy Bite leverages meme marketing for Father's Day campaign

Abhijeet Sharma
Jun 18, 2020 04:45 IST
Coffy Bite campaign

#ArgumentsWithDad campaign by Coffy Bite highlights the age-old, fun-filled arguments that happen between a father-child duo.

The appeal of memes is significant in social media. They make people laugh, and are often relatable for target audiences. It leads to people sharing it with their friends, increasing the reach of that particular content and narrative. Leveraging the power of memes, Coffy Bite has come up with a Father's Day campaign this year: #ArgumentsWithDad.

The brand has used everyday instances that are commonly associated with the relationship between Indian dads and kids and the conversations they are likely to have. The memes depict rocky aspects of such interactions.

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Talking about the idea behind the campaign, Venkatesh Parthasarathy, VP Marketing, Lotte India said, "Father’s Day is an occasion to appreciate our Dads for all the care, guidance, and even the tough love which made us the persons we are today."

Memes have a way to humour people, often in a dark way. Often, narratives built with the help of memes can offend persons if not read in the same context, something that makes it tricky for brands to explore and harness the powers of meme marketing. It is interesting how Coffy Bite chose Father's Day to create a meme campaign, tapping into the quintessential quirks of a father-child relationship.

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