Infographic: 10 Statistics for LinkedIn Marketing in 2020

LinkedIn infographic

This infographic presents insights into the LinkedIn demographic for marketers to build campaigns with the objective of generating leads, drive website traffic, or build brand awareness.

This infographic will help advertisers & marketers comprehend the dynamics of the platform and LinkedIn users better. LinkedIn claims to be the #1 platform for lead generation and with a professional demographic, it is one of the best B2B marketing platforms.

The platform offers a slate of different formats of ads such as dynamic ads, text ads, sponsored messaging, sponsored content, and more. Fixing on the ad format appropriate for your target audience will also require knowing the audience. The better you know the audience, the more effective running the campaign will be.

A comprehension of the audience and the right format paired with the best creative practices will improve the efficiency of the campaigns executed.

LinkedIn also has a substantial amount of companies listed on the platform. If you are looking to target companies the professional environment of the platform has already funneled your potential target audience.

Learn more about the demographic and user behavior through this infographic compiled by Oberlo.

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LinkedIn infographic