[Download] The Performance Marketer's Guide to Navigating Native

Social Samosa
Jun 12, 2020 05:24 IST
New Update
Native campaigns guide

With an aim to help marketers craft and execute native campaigns with ease, Outbrain has released a performance marketer’s guide. 

To tell a story using digital advertising tools can be a tricky task. With various parameters in place to measure success, delivering ROI becomes key to the process. When the focus is on performance marketing, understanding analytics and forming data-driven tactics can go a long way in achieving goals. Optimising content and campaigns to make it appear and feel native is an important trick you need up your sleeve. The new Whitepaper released by Outbrain aims to guide performance marketers in navigating native.

Why native, one may wonder. Native advertising is important for it helps fight ad fatigue by exposing brands within editorial content, engaging the audience with relevant and refreshed discoveries. There are two parts to creating a native campaign: Strategy and Set-Up.

Outbrain's guide takes readers through the various steps in the campaign creation process. On the creative side, these include writing a headline, choosing pictures, crafting content and execution. On the optimisation side, the guide emphasises on post-launch optimisation where marketers can test, tweak and strategise elements based audience feedback while the campaign is running.

Industry insights on imagery, keywords, timelines, metrics and engagement by content category have also been included along with case studies for readers to get a better understanding of how to craft and strategically execute native campaigns on different social media platforms.

You can download The Performance Marketer's Guide to Navigating Native here.

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