Snap introduces Minis & guide to vertical video ad creation

Snap Minis

Snapchat has launched Snap Minis, bite-sized utilities, and has also put out a guide to easily convert any video to Snapchat-appropriate specs.

Snap Minis were announced at Snap Partner Summit 2020, which was held virtually this year.

Snap Minis

Snap Minis turns solitary activities such as studying and meditating, into a virtual social experience. Minis run on all devices and are available for all users with no additional installation required.

Users can also plan a movie night, co-ordinate which artists to see at a music festival, make a deck of flashcards for studying, and more, with the feature. The feature is integrated within Chat.

Minis are built with standard HTML5 web technology, users can build their own Minis, bring in their friends’ Bitmojis, and interact with built-in voice and Chat features. They can also share their Minis with Snaps, and Stories, through which friends can tag along on the experience.

Snap has partnered with companies like Atom, Headspace, and more to build this in-app experience.

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Vertical Video Ad Creation Guide

Video Conversion Tool in Snap Publisher was launched to streamline the conversion of any video to platform-appropriate vertical specs optimized for Snapchat.

Vertical Video Conversion

The tool enables advertisers to transform any video into an ad with no required video editing skills.

The tool is available within the Snap Publisher, in the Manage Ads menu in the top left corner of Snapchat Ads Manager.

Vertical Video Conversion

Upload the existing mp4 video file and the tool will automatically convert a horizontal video into a vertical orientation. Advertisers can use the intuitive editing function aligned with the creative best practices by Snapchat to finalize the video, since the video may need a few tweaks to suit your needs, although the process is automated.

Once finalized, export the video to the creative library, create the campaign in a format of your choice – Snap Ads, Commercials or Story Ads, and run the campaign.