Snapchat rolls out Dynamic Ads globally

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Dynamic ads Snapchat

Dynamic ads that bring automated personalization for brands and marketers through mobile native templates are now globally available on Snapchat.

Dynamic ads offer platform-native templates, cuts down manual efforts to create ads, and lets you sync a product catalog on Snapchat. It also allows marketers to run ‘always-on’ campaigns and automatically updates the price and availability when they change.

A single product image can be portrayed in five different templates. The process is automated and would require minimal bandwidth. Brands such as Adidas, Vitaly, Shady Rays, and more had been a part of the beta phase.

Dynamic ads Snapchat

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The platform claims, with the early beta phase of Dynamic Ads, Vitaly (an accessories brand) observed a 21% decrease in cost per purchase and a 29% increase in return on ad spend, compared to a similar Vitaly re-engagement campaign simultaneously running in the US. Shady Rays observed a 66% decrease in Cost Per Purchase.

More Snapchat Ad Products updates include First Commercial, a premium video ad product, it would be the first non-skippable ad that users would see when they watch the first Snap show they see in the day; a Vertical Video Conversion Tool within Snap Publisher, and more.

Snapchat recently also launched a COVID-19 Business Resource Center and a Lens Web Builder for brands.

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