#Throwback Center Fresh Campaigns that redefined humor

Center Fresh Campaigns

Social Samosa takes a look at Center Fresh Campaigns that delivered peppermint sweet laughs and a splash of scenarios that resonated with the audience over the years.

For a brand that banks on brand recall, it is not only important for consumers to not skip their campaigns, but also remember it in a way that the brand pops in their mind when the shopkeeper asks “Which one?”, before they spend that buck. Center Fresh Campaigns were able to pull this off.

With one of the most easily-remembered taglines ‘Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam’, the comical series #WhoTalksLikeThis, and more campaigns such as ‘Yeh Wala’ & ‘Robbery’, the brand managed to crack their way into consumers’ minds by dissolving them into laughter.

Center fresh was launched in 1994 in the house of Perfetti Van Melle India, a manufacturer of sweets & confectionery.

Ogilvy has been a vital part of the Center Fresh communications, and most of the brand’s campaigns have been conceptualized and created by the agency, and have been touted to deliver very well on the briefs.

The agency introduced humor with a revived take with each of the campaigns. They have also been associated with other Perfetti Van Melle India brands such as Mentos.

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Yeh Wala

#WhoTalksLikeThis – Mother & Son

#WhoTalksLikeThis – Friends


Batein Kam Kaam Zyada


Report Card


Painting Ft. Boman Irani

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