Funny Mentos Ads to light the brain’s bulb

Mentos Ads

Here is a sachet of Funny Mentos Ads, to give you a fresh wave of laughs to pass these dark times.

Funny Mentos ads were not skipped, because they didn’t sell the products, they sold what the product could (playfully) do. Launched in 1999 in India, Mentos initially positioned itself ‘The Freshmaker’, which was later rebranded with a more locally relevant tagline, “Dimag Ki Battii Jala De!”, in 2003.

Since then, the tagline gave birth to several popular campaigns that gave ‘thinking on one’s feet’ a humorous meaning, and effortlessly sort unsought circumstances.

Smart thinking and Mentos have since been synonymous in India. Preeti Bhatnagar, (previously) Category Head, Perfetti Van Melle, had mentioned, “Dimag Ki Battii Jala De! has become a part of the physicality of the brand and it instantly plays back the minute Mentos is mentioned.

The Mentos ads have customarily portrayed real-life situations that are common in nature, which is why most of their audience was able to relate to them. The concept of ‘Aam Zindagi v/s Mentos Zindagi’ has since been recognizable for several Indians, in the last and preceding decade.

Mentos India has mainly worked with Ogilvy for these campaigns. The agency produced around ten commercials for the brand, including the Dimag Ki Battii Jala De! ads.

Anurag Agnihotri, (previously)Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy India, had been working with the brand since 2005, until (around 2015). He once stated, “As far as Mentos is concerned, our creative team always works on ads based on the theme of smart ideas, something the youth will relate to.”

The brand had initially kept their communication light-hearted and easy to consume. Being prepackaged scotch mints, affordable by almost anyone, the simple communication worked for the masses too, along with the youth, who were also targeted with digital campaigns.

Up until recently, their themes shifted from being comical, with their recent campaign – #Complimentos, and more themed around connecting with someone new.

Let’s tear the sachet now.

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