A vibrant spectrum of Global Pride Campaigns

Global Pride Campaigns

As the Pride month concludes, we paint the sky vibgyor with a range of Global Pride Campaigns dispersed from around the world that accentuate inclusive diversity.

The uprising that began with the Stonewall Riots in June 1969 has continued with several communications and Global Pride Campaigns that strengthen the call for liberation of love.

Creative communication is considered one of the most powerful tools to leave an impact. These campaigns harness this potential to combat discrimination, hate & abuse, rejection, and biased opportunities.

Few of the brands took an empirical approach with their campaigns. Such as, Burger King who turned their burgers’ ashes into diamonds that were placed on the wedding rings of a couple.

Mercedes Benz Canada collaborated with an artist who rendered imagery to propel optimism via street art, transformed from stories of hate and abuse people have faced.

Coca-Cola transformed a homophobic slur ‘This Coke is a Fanta’ into a symbol of Pride. The slur which means ‘they are not what they look like’ was vastly used to shame the community. The company then launched limited-edition Coca-Cola cans filled with Fanta to show their support in a way that made people think.

The Visit, a campaign to promote ethnic clothing line Anouk by Myntra, was one of the few and first marketing campaigns by a brand that portrayed a same-sex couple in India, in 2015.

The brand took a bold step to promote ‘bold is beautiful’ and also gained its fair share of popularity, as the subject was not openly talked about in the country and was frowned upon until parts of Section 377 were decriminalized in 2018.

As we grow older, we face various challenges keeping up with the pace of life. They don’t necessarily have to be sizeable, but they can be as simple as passing out of school, going through college, getting a job, and so on.

Inter-LGBT & TBWA Paris present a powerful portrayal of how the otherwise progressive society has built barriers that don’t let the community move forward in every walk of life.

More campaigns parade for a colorful tomorrow that is as accepting as the sky is to a rainbow.

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Inter-LGBT – The Obstacle Course

The Pause – P&G

Neogama – Everyone Is Gay

The Visit – Anouk by Myntra

Whopper Diamond – Burger King

Together – Pride Toronto & Google+

Painted with Love – Mercedes-Benz Canada

Coca-Cola – This Coke is a Fanta

Connections Should Have No Limits – Vivo Philippines

Verizon – Love Calls Back

Connected by Pride

We hope for a world where coming out is always received with acceptance, and we want people to know that it’s never too late for love to call back. We're proud to partner with PFLAG National to help connect and reconnect all families. #ConnectedbyPride

Posted by Verizon on Thursday, June 6, 2019

Reverse Parade – GoNOLA

The LGBTQAlphabet – Equinox X The LGBT Community Center

Two Is Too Few – Lyft

Fifty Years Proud – Coach

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