#WFHDiaries: For Chaaya Baradhwaaj, work from home has always been more productive

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Chaaya Baradhwaaj


Baradhwaaj, Founder BC WebWise, reminisces the initial days of lockdown and

what her regime looks like in the latest episode of WFH Diaries.

Chaaya Baradhwaaj sowed the seeds of BC Web Wise in 2000. Keeping a watch on the constant transformation in a rapidly evolving digital industry, she has independently led BC Web Wise and established it as one of the competitive ones in the domain. WFH Diaries featuring the Baradhwaaj takes us through her daily regime amidst the lockdown and how work from home is panning out.

Baradhwaaj goes on to recall how a week before the PM announced that there will be a lockdown, looking at the situation they had already decided that they will be shutting our office.

She continues, "Everybody was advised to take any machine that is required back home because being in the digital advertising business there are some of our designers and developers would require desktops. A few employees felt that they cannot manage, they had to come, they couldn’t dream of working out of the home. And thankfully after that, the PM announced the lockdown".

Baradhwaaj has always been a person who believes in working out of home and lockdown or no she has often worked out of home for maybe half a week because she finds it more productive with little or no interruption sometimes.

"I can choose when can I do my meetings and not get interrupted which is not the case when you are in office. I have always done video conferencing for meetings for a very long time so for me, it was not a very big challenge," she adds.

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Further, she informs that work has been quite hectic these days. "I have been connecting with everyone over video conferences with zoom, hangout, or WhatsApp calls. Our work has not got affected. One thing is that we are spending so much more time with our family members. I am spending quality time with my son and three pets".

Watch the video to know how is she dealing with the lockdown blues keeping up with it.

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