#WFHDiaries Lockdown brought to my notice things that are around but lost in chaos: Garima Khandelwal

Garima Khandelwal

Donning the role of Chief Creative Officer at Mullen Lintas, WFH Diaries featuring Garima Khandelwal lets us take a sneak peek into her lockdown life in an abstract manner.

With almost two decades of experience in advertising, Garima Khandelwal moved to Mullen Lintas in 2009. Her former role as Executive Creative Director gave her an opportunity to influence the creative direction for some of India’s most celebrated brands. In our latest episode of WFH Diaries, Khandelwal takes us through her daily regime in her own way.

Like most people under lockdown, Khandelwal’s day also has household chores, team meetings, Zoom video calls, long-distance coordination. It is followed by WhatsApp conversations, shared recipes, quiet moments on the balcony, and many cups of coffee.

“But what the lockdown has brought to notice are the many small details, things that are around but lost in the chaos, she exclaims.

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To her, the most eloquent moment is the ungainly instant. She adds, “When words spoil what is being said. It’s when the moment needs no language that the conversation becomes gaunt but lyrically fresh. And sometimes you don’t even need people for this conversation to happen”.

Watch the video and wrap your creative hats around as she abstractly puts down her WFH diary.