#WFHDiaries I try to keep as much normalcy as possible: Tanya Swetta

Tanya Swetta

In her WFH Diaries, Tanya Swetta talks about how she spends her day amidst the lockdown and keeps a positive mindset to make work easier.

For Tanya Swetta, Co-Founder & CEO of id8 media solutions work from home has various different meanings – it’s been weird from home and worrisome from home. Her WFH Diaries lets us take a sneak peek into how she strives to keep a positive attitude during these times and more.

Swetta thinks it’s been weird from home because we are used to going to office, we are used to that atmosphere of innovation, positivity, eating our lunches together. “Its weird to actually set a new schedule, do things on your own and not have any sort of personal interaction with people, rather all of that is on video now.”

She shares further, “Also, it has been worrisome from home because you are worried about your family & friends, constantly thinking about what’s going on in the world, and with all of this, it’s extremely important to be positive and have a very positive mindset”.  

Swetta wakes up at 6 AM which is actually her usual time. “I am trying to keep as much normalcy as possible. Post which I get into a workout routine of yoga and meditation from 6.30 to 7.300 AM. I have two daughters 6 and 8 years old, I am trying to give them as much normalcy as I can. It’s extremely important for kids to have good mental health and not to feel like something is wrong. This makes your life as a working professional a lot easier if you do that,” she stresses.

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Now comes the highlight of the day, according to her, because this is the time when the whole family gets its immunity boost by having a glass of hot water with ginger, tulsi, and lime.

“Then we quickly get onto household chores and I am at my desk at 10 AM. I must say it’s a blessing to be able to have work today and be productive,” she shares. 

Her role in the company is twofold – one is to be an innovator and the second one is to be a motivator. The first half of her day goes into checking emails, proposals, going back and forth with the teams, reading and understanding global news and consumer behavior, et al

Swetta points out, “It’s really interesting to see how in today’s work from home set up we all have to move our roles from CEOs or people who are working in companies to actually being teachers to our children.”

Watch the video to know how her rest half of the day spans out and how she keeps up with the current times.