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How do we define Ting?

We are an integrated digital, creative, and web agency, with a team strength of 250+ people, & offices in Mumbai, Chennai, with representatives in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi & Lucknow.


What's in the name?

Ting is

that sound in the brain when an idea clicks. Ting. Can you hear it? Ting!

We didn’t want a conventional name with specific services mentioned like Social, digital, etc. We knew that the business will evolve into different spaces and our name had to be memorable as well as fun.

What do we do?

We provide integrated marketing services, starting with branding & packaging, ATL & BTL on the creative side and Website design development, Social Media Marketing, Search, Amazon Marketing, Performance marketing & Videography.

Why we do it?

We were 3 freshers working in Webchutney, JWT & DDB Mudra. 6 months into our jobs, we realized we could build our own agency. A hot summer day, a flat tire, and a long chat was the lethal concoction that killed our jobs and brought forth TING. So, we started serving anyone and everyone who offered us business. Slowly, the digital wave kicked in and we found our feet in integrating the creative learnings we’d had and adapted to the new and evolving digital services. The friendship and faith we had built-in MICA stand as the foundation of our passion, our work, our agency.

At the heart of Ting, we want to develop deep connections with our people, our clients, our client’s customers, our vendors, and so on. What we do today enables us to do what we love. Hence we do it and we’ll keep doing more of it.

How we evolve?

It’s perhaps the best time to be in this industry. With digital increasingly becoming mainstream, we think integrated agencies like us have a great opportunity. The key is to focus on value creation, great service, and above all ensuring the team skills and scales well.

At the

end of the day, it’s a people-centric business, the better the organizational

culture the easier it is to evolve and capitalize on the tailwinds our business

is enjoying.

Social responsibility in social media

If we step back and look at the challenges our space has seen over the recent past, they range from plagiarism, fake-news, and misuse of data and hacking of accounts. We take stringent measures to avoid these and we think it’s morally ingrained in our people not to fall prey to these, thereby maintaining the social responsibilities.

The need of the hour

The four above-mentioned issues are serious concerns. There aren’t well-defined laws for the above and the administrators would do well to protect the users, the agencies, and the brands from these threats. Until then, all of us have to take responsibility in our own hands.

We learned the hard way

We’ve learned that no matter what happens, the show must go on. Whether

it’s the loss of an ace performer or an account. The key is to learn and


In the earlier days, it would seem like it’s the end of the world and we would often feel dejected, but with time, you realize that it’s a lot like sports, you have good days and sometimes not so good days, you must continue to play and keep getting better at the craft.  Don’t fuss over the losses, but focus on what lies ahead.

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Did we just share that?

We’ve had a lot of bloopers - by our team as well as our client-partners. We’ve had clients saying things like, “Why is the jpeg not animated”, “Can you give us versions of black”, “How do I copy this from a word-doc?”

Our team is no less, we’ve updated wrong posts, sometimes addressed the clients with wrong names, sent internal emails to the clients, and more.

They work with us

Reliance Jio, Sun Network, Amazon Business, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Puneri Paltan, Chennayin FC, UTT, RiteBite, So Good, O.P.I, Zee Tamil, Wellbeing Nutrition, Cofsils, etc.

The industry as we foresee

We see it increasingly becoming mainstream. Social media is now in its 15th year. As years pass, agencies, brands, marketers have become accustomed to it and know what to expect.

In the earlier days, expectations would fringe around metrics such as likes, followers, etc. These metrics don’t count for much anymore unless they solve a strategic purpose.

So, as social media evolves, we believe it’ll serve for the strategic purpose and move away from being an add on to your core marketing strategy but move towards becoming the mainstream.

A day without Internet

If it were only a day, I think it’d be blissful. We all need that time away from technology and social connections to introspect and get in touch with our selves again.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re hiring people with

great content skills and someone who can head our social media department.

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