Celebrating campaigns narrating tales of unsinkable friendships

Paawan Sunam
Jul 30, 2020 04:30 IST
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We take a look tales that depicted enduring bonds and efficient brand integrations, creating lasting impacts high on emotions, personifying friendship for brands & users alike.

Also featuring a few of the most iconic campaigns that made friendships synonymous with their brands, and created a lasting impact.

IDBI Bank tapped the innocence of children and their unadulterated companionship to draw parallels with their services, for the four-film campaign series themed around the insight 'Bank Aisa Dost Jaisa'.

The communication stood for portraying the brand as a friend who would cater to the consumer's every need and would be there for them regardless of how dire the situation is.

'Jo Mera Hai Wo Tera Hai, Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera', conceptualized and executed by (then) Taproot Communications, for Airtel India, with lyrics written by Amitabh Bhattacharya, and music by Ram Sampath, was an extension of the 'Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai' insight.

The campaign taps modern-day connections and integrates the network's connectivity that nourishes connections. Apart from building relations with the brand's data network and friendships, the campaign also remained a popular catchy jingle at the time of its release.

The 7-minute long digital film, 'No. 1 Yaari', was conceptualized by DDB Mudra Group for McDowell's No. 1 and is a part of the brand's property of the same name which includes a web series, several more campaigns, and musical pieces.

Cheeka, the famous Vodafone pug plays cupid like a good friend and the best wingman to set up instant connections in Vodafone's campaign series and has been the epitome of true friendship.

Reunion, written by Sukesh Kumar Nayak, directed by Amit Sharma, and created by Ogilvy for Google India, remains one of the most estimable campaigns that unfolds a timeless friendship.

The campaign that depicts the tale of two friends separated by the partition and united by Google was widely shared & viewed and turned out to be a classic example of a balance between storytelling and brand integration. It received a substantial amount of earned media, organic reach, and also won Emvies, ABBY Awards, Dada Saheb Phalke Awards, and Cannes Lions.

Let's cruise through the campaigns depicting several friendships.

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Reunion - Google India

Best Friend - IDBI Bank

Instant Connections - Vodafone

Friendship Bucket - KFC

Jo Mera Hai Wo Tera Hai, Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera - Airtel India

No. 1 Yaari - McDowells

An Ode To Our Friendship - Paper Boat

Celebrating Friendships - Coca Cola

Pepsi India #BackToSchool

If we have missed out on any of your favorite campaigns narrating tales of unsinkable friendships, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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