Let the Monsoon Campaigns rain over you

Paawan Sunam
Jul 17, 2020 11:20 IST
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Monsoon Campaigns

Tis' that time of the year again, when the scenery is picturesque and thoughts are nostalgic. To build on those sentiments, let the Monsoon Campaigns pour.

Monsoon is primarily used as a theme by brands in the travel industry, to promote the scenic views and the ones that can ensure safety during the period, but several others also weave moments and emotions that spawn around the season for product marketing.

These moments and emotions are also universal in nature and traverse age groups or geographical demographics, whether it's about the season causing hindrance or delight.

It is also the most romanticized season, apart from the fact that it's cold, brands can use the marketable moments to make their audience fall in love with the times when their consumer uses their product.

Kerela Tourism, Incredible India, and Sunrise Valley Resort portrayed the nature turning into an enchantress and the climate that turns pleasant to lure day-trippers.

Monsoon also means filling in gaps (erhm potholes), this is where the hindrance comes in which is usually delay, unavailability, and safety concerns.

Sebamed India, Dettol India, and CEAT Tyres banked on building a narrative around safety, safety from germs, safety on the road. Domino's Pizza India builds on the speed of their service.

Taj Mahal Tea depicts the eternal friendship of rains and a cup of tea, and how their company can give one solace in solitude. Brooke Bond Red Label shares a short tale of kindness and the season bringing people together.

Let the petrichor inebriate you.

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Drenched in Beauty - Kerala Tourism

#SwadApnepanKa - Brooke Bond Red Label

Chasing the Indian Monsoon - Incredible India 

Khud Se Milo - Taj Mahal Tea

Chasing The Monsoon - Sunrise Valley Resort

Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery - Domino's Pizza India

Kerala Rains - Asian Paints

Baby's First Monsoon - Sebamed India

Dettol Ka Dhula - Dettol India

Meet The Mahapurush: Mr. Nehlau! - CEAT Tyres

While the season is as nice as pie, second-rate maintenance also leads to a tense side, which Wishberry tried to tackle with social media networks. the campaign was released in 2014, but the insight stays relevant six years later too.

Wishberry - Fill in the Potholes Project

If we have missed out on any of your favorite Monsoon Campaigns, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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