Celebrity Brands: Ayushmann Khurrana – A social media play of colors, art & brand associations

Ayushmann Khurrana social media

In the first chapter of our latest series Celebrity Brands, we take a look at Ayushmann Khurran’s social media presence – understanding his way of personal branding, brand association, and moral duty.

Anchor, Singer, Actor – Ayushmann Khurrana has donned many hats in his career. From Channel V PopStars to Vicky Donor to being the man behind many successful films – the success, popularity, and personality reflects in Ayushmann Khurrana ‘s social media presence.

We take a look at Ayushmann Khurrana’s social media presence, understanding his treatment of the platforms from a objective-results fit.

Brand Ayushmann Khurrana: Overview

The social media presence of brand Ayushmann Khurrana is dominated by the actor’s humane side coupled with nostalgia, poetry, topicals, movie promotions, and even interaction with the audiences. In today’s day & age, where an actor (male, female, & others) needs to be likable along with being talented, Khurrana seems to be leveraging social media to portray/showcase all sides of his personal brand.

2020 commenced with the actor being in the Bahamas with his wife followed by Movie promotions for Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhaan.

Apart from occasionally posting on style, fashion, and fitness, the actor is often seen saying profound words through his poetry and sometimes penning down his thoughts to share with the viewers.

With COVID-19 taking over the world, Khurrana’s social media pages turn towards more serious and profound posts. Be it attempting to spread information on fake news with brand associations to urging people to wear masks, from shedding light on the ongoing scenarios to spreading hope through couplets, we see consistent communication on these lines on the star’s social media page.

It is interesting to note that the actor is most active on Instagram, owing to its visual appeal and added features, followed by Facebook & Twitter.

Social Media Footprint

Khurrana’s engagement rate is the highest on Instagram as per the data by Qoruz followed by that on Facebook. The actor’s social media presence is as follows:

Instagram: 12.1 million

Twitter:  5.6 million

Facebook: 4.5 million


Data suggests that audience engagement on Twitter has been disproportionate with the average retweets as 4 & favorites ranging in 200s. Further nearly 95 % of Ayushmann Khurrana’s Twitter audience is English speaking and 76.72% of his followers are male.


Engagement on Instagram, has been relatively more proportionate with IGTV performing well for the actor and garnering an average of 605K+ views on video posts.

In the last 30 days, the actor’s Instagram page has seen a spike in followers at 9.7%. For Ayushmann Khurrana, Instagram works the best in terms of engagement with an average engagement rate of 4.44%

On Instagram 68.7% of his followers are men. On the platform, the actor has mainly spoken about travel followed by fitness & style and fashion.


Facebook witnesses average likes of 7.8K with an engagement rate of 0.18%. Follower growth has been witnessed on Facebook too at 1.64%.

Focussing on the content affinity for the actor, Ayushmann Khurrana’s social media presence prominently gains traction from content on Movies & music followed by Literature, owing to the actor’s interest in poetry across the social media platforms. Clothing and dance are other content pieces on Khurrana’s social media pages that garner eyeballs, though in a significantly lesser proportion.

Source: Qoruz

Throughout the social media pages, we see a balance of dynamic & static posts on Khurrana’s page, especially observed during the lockdown.

The post-copies written by the actor are more towards, philosophy, prose, and comedy depending on the theme ranging from his own poems, movie promotions & topicals.

The Real Persona

Through his Social media pages, Khurrana gives us a sneak-peek into his real-life viz-a-viz the reel one. While Instagram depicts the intimate relationship of the actor with his parents & wife, he leverages Twitter to voice his opinions or express hope or grief basis the prevailing situations. The actor even supports the initiatives undertaken by his better half, on the platform.

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Happy birthday Ma ❤️

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Brand Associations

An interesting fact to note in case of Ayushmann Khurrana’s social media presence and brand associations is that most campaigns he takes on has a social message. With the lockdown and in resonance with his poetic & philosophical persona, Khurrana participated in many cause-based ad campaigns.

Apart from being the face for popular brands such as Daniel Wellington and FMCG brands, such as Tide, Khurrana featured in campaigns for The Man Company and Signature.

His recent collaboration with Club Mahindra speaks about #MaiPhirAunga India on his love for travel and the hope that people will continue with their experiences in the possible post-COVID-19 world. The Instagram post garnered 2L+ Likes and over 1 million views.

As per Qoruz data, Khurrana has collaborated with Brands associated with TV Channels, Apparels, Banking & Finance, and e-commerce on his Official Facebook page.

Peter England


Nothing is simple and easy. It will take everyone's effort and resolve. Our real life heroes are doing a lot for us. It's our turn now to do our bit. Shall we? Peter England #MainKyunPehnu #weareinthistogether

Posted by Ayushmann Khurrana on Monday, May 25, 2020

Tutorix App Learning

Learning is something that should never stop! Tutorix#TutorixTheBestLearningApp

Posted by Ayushmann Khurrana on Thursday, June 11, 2020

A similar pattern of social media posts is observed for his Twitter account where TV Channels dominate the Brand collaboration content, with movie promotions, and more, according to Qoruz. This is followed by brands associated with Banking & Finance and FMCG category.

Disney Hotstar Plus



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Nostalgia & Artistry

As we continue to dissect the social media strategy of Ayushmann Khurrana, another noticeable observation is the actor putting up posts on his past films and poetry, reeking of nostalgia apart from the movie promotion posts of 2020.

The actor shares his poetry across platforms. On twitter, Khurrana often retweets the poems or inspiring words of his favorite poets & authors. He leverages Facebook & Instagram in a similar manner.

He often shares throwback to his old films, giving a glimpse of what went behind the scenes & what it means to him.

Trending all the Way

Apart from associating with brands resonating with his personality, Khurrana often engages with his audiences leveraging topicals & trends he might be connected to – through topical trends, special days, supporting the causes across social media platforms.

Environment day

Poetry day

Mother’s day

Father’s Day

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Trending post-format

Harboring Positivity

At a time when human bonding & connectivity took precedence over many aspects of life, Khurrana is fostering positivity through his social media presence.

Be it applauding frontline workers through his poems or focusing on abstract & profound aspects of life during the lockdown, the actor seems to be leaving no stones unturned to spread the message of hope & positivity.

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किसी और का ख़ामियाज़ा भर रहा है आदमी आदमी लाचार जग में मर रहा है आदमी भूल देख दूसरों की सीख ले ना कुछ सका आज पर उत्पात कैसा कर रहा है आदमी, जब छिल जानी है ज़िंदगी मौत में तपी इन सड़कों पर रख ज़िंदगी हथेली पर क्यूँ विचर रहा है आदमी रोज़मर्रा की शिकायत से भरा था जिसका कल पूछ लो सुकूँ से दिन कितने घर रहा है आदमी, हाँ ज़रा बंधना सा है ये जबरन घर पर बैठना पर देखो ग़ैर मुल्क़ों में बस ख़बर रहा है आदमी ज़िंदगी महफ़ूज़ कर दूँ कहता है ये टोटका अपनों के लिए अपनों से दूर अगर रहा है आदमी हर विपत्ति में एकजुट हुई है जब इंसानियत एक ज़रा महामारी से क्यूँ डर रहा है आदमी हम चुनेंगे ज़िंदगी जो स्वस्थ हो खुशहाल हो ये बात और है कि कब अमर रहा है आदमी ~नीति

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To Sum it Up

Ayushmann Khurrana’s social media pages are as colorful as the film choices of the actor. There is a perpetual theme of profundity and philosophy basis his thoughts on life and prevailing circumstances.

One thing that stands out as a takeaway, though, is staying true & authentic with your content that can resonate with both, yourself and your audience. An optimistic & hopeful tonality perpetuates through & through the actor’s social media posts.