Facebook will be launching music videos on the platform

Facebook music

Facebook will soon be posting official music videos on the platform, the music library will stay updated with new releases, videos licensed to Facebook.

Artists have the option to update their Page Settings and enable adding music videos to their Facebook Page. They will not have to upload links or videos manually, but they can edit or remove videos.

If an Artist doesn’t enable this setting, Facebook will instead create a Page for their official music, and post new releases received from the labels.

TechCrunch reports that they reviewed materials & emails linked to this news, and mention that it will only be available in the US, artists can edit the auto-generated posts.

Also, if enabled, the artists also give Facebook permission to share aggregate performance insights such as engagement metrics of these posts with the rightsholders.

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Alike most features, after the US rollout we may also expect this update coming to India. In the Indian context, Facebook is already warm with labels such as T-Series Music, Zee Music Company, and Yash Raj Films, and have access to licensed music since the launch of Facebook & Instagram Music.

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Screenshot Credits: @seaninsound


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