OLX Campaigns that sold the brand

OLX Campaigns

Scroll through the OLX Campaigns that transformed transactions into hilarious and often emotional affairs, and sold itself to two sets of the target audience.

Rib-tickling humor has been a potent fragment of the OLX Campaigns, and so has the balance between product integration, entertainment, and consumer insights. The campaigns are enjoyable with amusing characters and situations, but they also seamlessly integrate the benefits of their service.

Apart from the funny ones, OLX also taps varied emotions such as love, nostalgia, and attachment, with dramatic narratives. The prime examples being campaigns such as ‘Daastaan’, ‘A phone. A picture. And a lifetime of friendship in Kashmir.’, and ‘The Cricket Bat’.

OLX has also aced short format campaigns that are short on duration but not on communication. Moreover, generally, anything under a minute is considered short-format, but for OLX it can be as short as 15, 10, or even 6 seconds.

Six seconds are enough for them to convey a functionality of the app, and often in under 15 seconds, they can shoot two targets – buyers & sellers with one arrow. Such ads are optimized for pre-roll YouTube or mid-roll Facebook ads, and more similar placements when a user waits for five seconds to skip the ad.

The brand taps relevant consumers with the insight that aims for groups of people who would be interested in buying and selling pre-owned products.

Effectuated with scenarios that would lead to transactions, such as making people realize they have to get rid of the things they don’t use, not being able to sum up money to buy something new, or buying something different because of past experiences.

In a conversation with Social Samosa, Sapna Arora, CMO, OLX India mentioned, “A brand must address a problem faced by the users in its marketing campaign else the messaging can end up being too ambiguous and open-ended”.

The brand has also maintained a balance between seller & buyer-centric messages by targeting buyers and sellers alike, often portraying both with one narrative.

Since the brand’s entry in the Indian market in 2009, they have tapped a mix of emotions and strategies, but the most relatable to the brand has been the comical campaigns with the tagline ‘OLX Pe Bech De’.

The brand also remains funny across the states of India, with campaigns launched in Marathi, Telugu, and more, to tap regional audiences. They have also roped in several known faces, most prominent of them being Kapil Sharma, Allu Arjun, and more.

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A phone. A picture. And a lifetime of friendship in Kashmir.

Make your phone a Sell Phone

Womaniya TV ad

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Posted by OLX India on Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Snoring Husband

The Cricket Bat

Mundi Dance(Announcement)


The case of the barber, doctor and the TV

Aadhe Tere – Aadhe Mere

No Chipkoing Ft. Kapil Sharma

Meet Kapil Junior Ft. Kapil Sharma

The journey of an Office fridge!

Dining Table

Big Brother Ft. Allu Arjun

Tamasha(Extended Version)

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