I am not just the face of HRX, I ‘AM’ HRX, the responsibility is way bigger: Hrithik Roshan

HRX journey

Co-owned by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment’s Afsar Zaidi, HRX has been on its foot during the crisis, promoting fitness and nurturing optimism. Here the Roshan – Zaidi duo take us through the HRX marketing strategy under lockdown.

“We set milestones and we cross them one at a time. And then widen the horizon again and set out to achieve higher goals, “ exclaims Hrithik Roshan, Founder of HRX. Roshan highlights his role in the HRX marketing strategy.

We have all known and admired him as the superstar and for his indomitable acting zest for years. Moreover, his humongous fan following has made him a marketer’s favorite with a list of distinct brand endorsements in his kitty. While sans doubt his acting journey has been a reckoning one, Roshan Jr went onto don an entrepreneurial hat in 2012 joining hands with Afsar Zaidi, the founder of celebrity management firm Exceed Entertainment to kickstart the HRX journey.

“The vision is set at touching a billion lives over the next few years. We Keep Going basically!” says the 46-year old. He also reiterates the brand’s vision that it is not just a brand but a mission that helps it enable and support people to be the fittest, happiest, and most confident version of themselves.

In tête-à-tête with Social Samosa, Hrithik Roshan, and Afsar Zaidi, Co-Founder at HRX shed light into what goes behind creating regular content on social media to keep the chatter going amidst the lockdown, the significance of motivating consumers to keep the brand trust alive in these times, and more.

HRX’s approach towards COVID-19

When quizzed about how the brand is trying to help its consumers survive this difficult phase, Roshan shares that HRX is learning along the way just like others.

“HRX is a fitness brand and we have been using our platform for spreading awareness and motivating people to become fitter and healthier by offering them engaging information, support, and counsel where required and motivation in equal doses is what we do on a regular basis,” he adds.

Relooking Marketing & Communication Strategy

When the pandemic became prominent in India in March, most brands had to revisit their marketing & communication strategy. Although, according to Afsar Zaidi, Co-Founder, HRX, the athleisure wear brand stayed consistent.

He briefs further, “We have always believed that a few things MUST be a part of our Marketing & Communication strategy and adhere to those as norms-

  • Social media channels to be used for offering valuable information and engagement to the followers and community
  • Hand holding people for becoming their best version by offering them enabling tools
  • Acknowledging and recognizing real people for their effort.

Meanwhile, Roshan’s involvement is mainly for spreading awareness. He elucidates that the authenticity of the HRX platform is sought after by people for correct information. “So I have been channelizing my efforts towards educating and informing about testing, hygiene, cleanliness, staying calm, etc,” shares Hrithik.

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Social Media at Play

If one takes a glance through HRX’s Instagram profile, it reflects the brand’s commitment towards delivering fitness goals and pushing consumers to workout daily to stay fit supporting their thoughts through hashtags  #Turnitupwithhrx, #sweatwithhrx,  #WorkoutAtHome, and #KeepGoing.

The reaction was the amount of user-generated content that HRX started receiving, as more and more people started tagging the brand.

Echoing the power of social media for communication and HRX marketing strategy, Hrithik reiterates that the brand uses the powerful tool that it is and constantly stays in touch with its fans, followers, and community members with helpful information that aids them in their wellness journey.

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Zaidi too opines that the pandemic has shifted peoples’ focus towards fitness and this has kept the demand for activewear, footwear, online workout tutorials steady.

You know what time it is.#SweatWithHRX

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“Social media has been very useful and dynamically used by the team. We have curated and created IPs, content, our own influencer base, and a beautiful film featuring our community members and the UGC they shared with us on an ongoing basis,” shares Zaidi.

The brand is keeping its social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook abuzz with workout posts, motivational videos featuring Hrithik Roshan, discussing asanas, product launch videos, and also some fun-loving engagement activities.

We asked the #HRXRunningSquad how music inspired and pushed them past the finish line. ??#KeepGoing #TurnItUpWithHRX #RunWithHRX

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The Star Factor

While Roshan has been campaigning for various brands outside, HRX, being his own, the star is aggressively and creatively involved in spreading awareness about the brand across platforms.

“Well I am not just the face of HRX, I ‘AM’ HRX (laughs) so the responsibility is way bigger than just being the star of the campaigns,” quips Roshan when asked about the star power that he carries while campaigning for his own brand.


He further informs that besides the backend work, he also has to keep his team, partners, consumers motivated at all times, and even himself so the team can unilaterally work on its vision with unwavering determination.

Key Learnings from the Crisis

“This pandemic is an environmental factor which one has no control over so we aren’t trying to control the situation, we are only planning on how to make good of this situation,” says Zaidi.

He further observes that it is of utter significance for one to be empathetic while communicating to its consumers in these unprecedented times. Put yourself in a consumers’ shoes and plan. Also, to keep going irrespective of the situation. “Lockdown or no lockdown we got to keep moving forward. Nothing is impossible,” he opines.

Zaidi strongly things that the normalcy will be restored but the new normal will be different.

“Optimistic is what we all need to be at all times. Helpful – well when we have been vested with trust and love of millions of people then we ought to give back by helping them through tough times with basic guidance and motivation,” Roshan signs out.